Saturday, January 22

The Weekly Update...

Well, I just finished another week of training in Hamilton. It's great, an all exclusive paid trip to Hamilton Ontario, in the middle of January. What could be more fun? Disregard that question, the list would be endless.
Anyway, Monday I start my last week of training. And thus, the last week of non-blogging.
Seanie D is one half, although physically more like two thirds, of the training duo, that are conducting the sessions. He's a fairly good trainer, although he hasn't been doing much of the talking. Mostly it's just fun because we get to go to breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks together. We've also been going to the gym in the hotel, and I'm bringing my PS2 so we can play some games when we're bored.
Last week Seanie D had a wicked bad cold, so he kind of spoiled the whole time. But hopefully this week he won't be sick, and we can go to some Irish pubs and drink some beers.