Sunday, February 6

Movie...Dos and Don'ts....

I'm going to give a quick list of dos and don'ts for the average movie going crowd. But first, a quick explanation as to where I've been and what I've been doing.
Throughout the last three weeks of January I was in training in Hamilton with SeanieD, as per a previous blog entry. Since getting back I haven't been able to post due to a nasty computer problem. We must've had some sort of virus or spyware. Our hard-drive was completely full. Or atleast the partition we use was. Over 30 gigs of crap on the computer. And we could only find about 6 gigs worth of video and audio files. We're still puzzled as to what happened. I had to re-format a couple days ago. But now I'm back up and running.

Okay, on to the movies.

Dos - Million Dollar Baby. Do go see this movie. It was excellent, and as it's the only Best Picture Nominee I've seen, I'm giving it my vote. If I had a vote that is.
Dos - Show up early. Go ahead and get to the movies early, that way you can get a good seat, buy your snacks, and go pee. Plus, you get to listen to movie-tunes.
Dos - Uh, that's about it.

Don'ts - Hide and Seek. Don't see this piece of crap. Deniro was okay, the plot was fine until the ending, but then the whole thing fell apart. Plus, there is once again, a creepy kid drawing shitty pictures. Is it just me, or do American kids have NO artistic talent?
Don'ts - Alone in the Dark. There's a reason Christian Slater hasn't made a film in about a bazillion years.
Don'ts - Make out and talk. Don't disturb those of us who want to watch the film by sucking face or discussing your plans during the film. Movies aren't cheap. Go to a coffee shop or something if you want to do this stuff.
Don'ts - Leave your Cell Phone on. Hell, don't even bring your phone. And don't answer it in the theatre. Especially don't answer it and start talking to the person who called you, and start telling them about the movie you're watching. Stupid teenagers. There should be an age limit for those phones, and a test. Like driving a car. Jeez!

Okay, I can't think of much else. So how's everyone? If you're reading this, post a comment to tell me how you've been.



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