Wednesday, January 26

In Training...

I'm not sure what this post will look like. I'm working off a laptop in the training room in Hamilton. I'm on the fifteenth floor of a 15 story building, with a lovely view of Hamilton and the Bay. Of course, if you've been to Hamilton, you know I'm being sarcastic.
Today is a nice clear sunny day. It's freezing outside, but there is a layer of new snow covering most of the city. It looks less dirty from up here.
The training has been fun for the most part. Monday and Tuesday dealt with topics I already knew about, so I didn't learn much, but a refresher never helps. Today, Wednesday, we'll be covering some topics I haven't had a chance to work with much. So I'm looking forward to this afternoon.
In other news, my hotel room is small, but I'm really only sleeping and reading there. I go to the gym and play video games with Seanie D, and we go to dinner. So luckily I'm not stuck in my room all night.
Last night we walked up and down a few of the streets in downtown Hamilton. There are a few clubs and bars, and a lot of small businesses. They were mostly all closed around 6 last night, so our walk was cold and snowy.
We might go see a Hamilton Bulldogs game tonight. It should be fun. Tickets are only about $13 or $14, not too expensive!
There's not much else to talk about this week. The news is depressing, but I guess a lot of people are starting to get sick of all the Tsunami talk. Other issues are starting to take centre stage, about time!


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