Saturday, October 9

Swiffer Commercials....

Do these commercials actually work? Do some people actually buy Swiffer products because they think it will make housework fun? Does anyone dance around the house while dusting?

What about Febreeze? Has anyone ever sprayed something stinky with Febreeze, then kneeled down and sniffed that stinky thing to see if the Febreeze actually took out the smell? I don't think I'd do anything like that. It's kind of on par with smelling a chair after letting a good one go. I'm sure SeanieD knows about that.

In general, I find commercials to be annoying. Except the Magic Bullet info-mercial. That's just funny. They have characters, as well as a product.

Thursday, October 7

Due South and Undergrads...

I really miss watching new episodes of Due South and Undergrads. Due South has always been a favourite of mine. It features some of the kookiest (that's probably not a word) story lines, and some outrageously funny characters. I also like the fish out of water aspect of having an ultra-stereotypical Canadian Mountie in Chicago. What an interesting and fantastic show. Plus, I've always thought Paul Gross would make a great Superman. He looks like Superman, and he's got the friendly act down.
I also miss Undergrads. From what I can tell there was only one season of this show ever made. I just don't understand why it was stopped. It was such a funny cartoon. The character design was incredible, and the animation was pretty decent too. It was so true-to-college-life. I could relate to so many of the experiences Nitz had, and they showcased so many of the typical college life characters. I wish they'd produce a few more seasons of this show.

Wednesday, October 6


Go to my links page to find a new link to Mikey The Legend. This is a funny blog by a funny kid. He writes about stuff that happens to him at school, and other minor events in his life. It's frivolous but fun. I've enjoyed his sarcastic and off colour comments, and he has some fairly original blogs, ranging from John Stamos as Uncle Jessie, to CSI. Check it out, and make a change in this world. Because if he acquires a fan base, he's going to add a comments section to his blog. Imagine that, you could be responsible for this change.

Various thoughts on various subjects....

The High Five. Whatever happend to giving high fives? How come people see 'slapping some skin' as being out of style? It used to be all the rage when I was a youth. But now, people think it's silly. For example, in my computer animation course I was taking, the guy sitting next to me would call for high fives all the time. Of course sometimes it wasn't warranted, but usually there was a pretty good reason for this celebratory maneuver. Unfortunately, even when there was a good reason to go up high, people would frown with disapproval.

Star Trek. I saw a commercial for the new episode of Enterprise. There were Nazis and aliens in it. What's up with that? What's happening on this series? If you're reading this Blamb, please give me a quick overview. Thanks.

Minority Government. Some people are predicting the Martin Liberals will be forced to call an election in as little time as one year from now. I think a minority government is the only way to have a system that benefits everyone. Forcing the Liberals to make concessions to each party to get legislature passed sounds like a good thing to me.

Finding a Job. I'm desperate, I've put resumes out everywhere. I'm going to be applying to school boards soon, hopefully I can get some sort of EA position or something. I've sent resumes out to volunteer on a few films as well. I'm going to go to Toronto to get a library card so I can permitee with IATSE, the film union. I'm not sure why they require people to have library cards, but it could be useful I guess.

Internet Dating. My friend Kirk has been trying this with no luck that I know of. I'm not sure why he hasn't been able to find anyone, maybe it's personality, maybe it's a lack of physical attraction. Either way, internet dating seems to be just like any other form of dating. Difficult, annoying, and hell on ones self esteem. I'm glad I've got someone. I'm too old to do the dating thing again.

Hockey. When the hell are those guys going to get on the same page? It shouldn't be about salary caps or money. It should be about having a decent, competitive game. It should be about the fans. Without us, there is no league.

Monday, October 4

Ken VS Ben

Ken Jennings will be making his return to Jeopard tonight! I'm so excited. The Tournament of Champions was horrible these last two weeks. No one was nearly as smart or quick as Ken. He is the master. The Jeopard Master. They should retire him soon though. They're going to run out of money.
To make up for the lack of Ken Jennings I've been watching Win Ben Steins Money. This show is incredibly funny, and it has some challenging trivia.
I'm wondering who would win in a trivia match, Ken Jennings or Ben Stein? I guess we'll never find out. I don't think $5,000 is enough for Ken to waste his time playing for.