Saturday, September 25

The old stompin' grounds...

Wednesday night my friend Jeff phoned me and asked if I could shoot and edit a video for him on Thursday. Seeing as Jeff lives in Thorold, outside St. Catharines, near Wellend where I went to school. I assumed he meant next Thursday. Nope. He meant the next day, which was two days ago.
So I agreed to make the two hour drive and do him this favour. I was planning on going to the Niagara Region anyway, and it gave me a chance to visit my old school.
Thursday morning I arrived at Niagara College with Jeff, and we met up with one of my former professors.
The video is for the Niagara College Foundation Seafood Gala. This is a gala, obviously, which is held to raise funds for scholarships. Jeff is volunteering this year because he worked on it for his PR class last year.
Anyway, I met up with one of my former teachers and he provided two volunteers from the third year television class to help me with the video. Thus making me the Director.
We signed out a DVC-Pro camera, a lighting kit, and the necessary excessories. And travelled around town taping shots and interviews for the video.
The video, is actually a taped invitiation / request for Oprah Winfrey to M.C. the gala, as well as provide tickets to her show as auction items.
It was incredible being back at the school and working with people who were in the program. I only bumped into two professors, but they both remembered me.
I didn't realize how much I missed my days in college until this. It makes me long for reunions.

Wednesday, September 22

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow...Go see it !

Last night I travelled to the great big city of Toronto to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with my friend Ian. Upon arriving I parked my car in the underground garage below his apartment at 345 Dufferin St. We took a TTC Streetcar to whichever street the Parmount theatres are on. From there we walked from King to Queen street. We gazed upon the CHUM building, looked around the Chapters book store.
After purchasing our tickets we ascended the incredibly steep escalator and entered our designated theatre to watch one of the most anticipated films this year.
We weren't disappointed. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was one of the best films I've ever seen. I loved the stylized film noir look it had. The computer generated FX were outstanding, the action sequences were bold and fast paced, but easy to follow, the dialogue was snappy and funny without resorting to cliched comedic backup characters. And the best part of all, the military wasn't exclusively American!
Anyway, I'm not going to provide story or plot details. Just trust me, it's a great film, and it's worth seeing.

Tuesday, September 21

Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na ... Batman!

Okay, I have been very negligent in keeping up with current events. So much so that I didn't know about this new WB Kids The Batman series. I am such a dumbass!

Unfortunately I don't get the WB Kids at home, and I haven't been able to find the episodes on Ares. So, if anyone gets the WB Kids and wants to tape The Batman on Fridays and Saturdays, and whenever else they air it. I will gladly pay a recording fee, as well as reimburse you for the tapes. Of course, chances of this happening are very slim. I'll probably just have to suffer until someone starts putting them on a file sharing service.

Good news though. I have been able to find most of the episodes for the new Justice League Unlimited show.

Monday, September 20

A little bundle of joy??

I just found out that one of my friends from College, who got married last year, has managed to get his wife knocked up. I'm assuming it's his kid. I know, that may seem like a no-brainer because they are married. But my friends and I thought this guy was gay since the day we met him. The evidence seemed incontrovertible. He was and sometimes still is, a stylish dresser. He knows how to dance, and he's a hair dresser. All of this adds up to his being a little light in the loafers. Of course none of us had a problem with that, as is evidenced by our continued friendship.

We continued to think he was gay up until his wedding day. When during a speech, I mentioned our findings to the entire reception hall, and then publicly dismissed the notion. Yet secretly, I and my friends, including his best man and the rest of the groomsmen, continued to harbour our suspicions about his sexual preferences.

So, with evidence mounting to the contrary, we've all decided to find out once and for all, if he likes chicks. We're going to contact The Maury Show, and get a paternity test done on the baby. Well, that's the plan anyway.

In all seriousness, even though I'm sure Mike doesn't read this. Congratulations on getting one past the goalie dude!