Friday, September 17

Who would have thought it'd be this much work....

Jeez. How come this blog thing is so difficult? I'm cutting and pasting code into an HTML field. I've added links, and I'm constantly trying to maintain a consistent font. Sheesh. It's a good thing I don't have a job. I'd never have time to post!

My next mission is to figure out how to post short video clips on this page or my freeservers page. I'd like to put up some of my animation. That way everyone can see what absorbed my attention during the last year, preventing me from keeping up my blog.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

So, hopefully I'll have a better comments section. This is all thanks to Ice Queen, whom I copied and got haloscan from. And Grumpy Bunny, whom I decided was being inconvenienced by the Blogspot comments section. comments...again.

If the old comments have been erased, then everyone will just have to try hard to make sure they comment enough to make up for the loss of the old ones.

Thursday, September 16

Another Newbie...

I've got another treat for everyone. A link to Eastern Blog. This is one of the better blogs I've come across, of course that's only my humble opinion.

Chip Tijuana finally have the option of seeing me. Chip Tijuana. Don't worry, it costs nothing. Just look and appreciate.

I chose a new template, and I forgot to save my old comments section. In fact, I don't even know what service I was using for the comments. So now, all of the comments have disappeared. But this new template seems to provide me with a comments area. So although I won't be able to read old comments, unless someone knows how to find the old version of my blog, I can still enjoy the things you all post from now on.


New Arrivals...

Check out the two new links on my links page. One for Grumpy Bunny and one for Dantillion. They recieve these honours for two reasons. First, I've read some of their posts and I like their blogs, and two, they commented on my blog!

Wednesday, September 15

It's Sci-Fi Day...

Blamblog has a post dedicated to a Sci-Fi Geekout, and I figured I would follow suit.

Check out his links to a great Star Wars DVD Review. And several other topics including Enterprise, Smallville, and a Tom Hanks Polar Express interview.

After reading Blamb's post I began to reminisce about my favourite Sci-Fi moments. Some of my most fond memories of television are based on shows like Quantum Leap,Sliders and Star Trek TNG. I currently own the first and second season of Sliders on DVD, and I plan on buying Quantum Leap on DVD. The first season is available and the second season will be released in December from what I've read. I don't have any of the Star Trek TNG seasons on DVD. They're not really a priority right now. If I want a Trek fix all I have to do is watch Spike TV or the Space Network. Until they're taken off the air, I doubt I'll be investing in any DVDs.

I have to say though, Quantum Leap was my favourite of these Science Fiction shows. I've always enjoyed studying History, although I rarely do so now. And the time travel aspect of Quantum Leap was incredibly appealing. I also liked Sliders for the alternate realities. I've always wondered what our world would be like if certain events hadn't happened, or had different outcomes. My fondness for Star Trek TNG is simply based on incredible characters, superb writing, and a curiosity towards the unknown. And what's more unknown than space?

Although, I was never a fan of Seaquest, there's something odd about a show regaling the tales of a boy and his dolphin.

So what kind of Sci-Fi shows do you like? Assuming there is a "you" reading this right now.

Tuesday, September 14

Pool Party...

I'm addicted to the 8-Ball pool game on Mini Clips. It's way too much fun! Something about actually being able to sink the ball consistently. Oh and the clacking noise it makes when the balls bang together.
Hm....Maybe I shouldn't have written that last statement?
Anyway, if you're bored. Go play some games. If you're not into games, go check out The Ten Second Club. It's a great site with short (10 second) animations.
Go on, what're you waiting for?

Monday, September 13

World Cup!

Oh Joy! Tomorrow, Canada vs Finland. I'm so excited. I was so happy to see Saku Koivu score the winning goal against the U.S. and after watching Canada's gave against the Czech Republic, I'm sure this is going to be a fantastic hockey game.

Let's see if this works....

If this does work. Then I might just be back to blogging. If not. Then good news for y'all anyway. I have a blog option on another site.

Anyway, I'll make a short post as a test.

Welcome to Chip Tijuana the blog. As I haven't been updating this site lately I don't expect any traffic. But I will certainly try to start where I finished. By writing posts, and visiting other blogs. Hopefully someone will begin visiting my blog again, and in the process I will aquire more traffic.

Of course, if this doesn't work. I'll continue to use this site as an outlet for my ranting and raving, maniacal ponderings.

So....wish me luck!