Friday, November 26


blamblog has had a few interesting posts recently. One was his Celebrity Sex List. A post asking readers which celebrities they would sleep with given the option. His next was part of Death Week. If you had three months to live, what would you do? How would you choose to die? And, who would you haunt after your untimely death?
So I've decided to combine the two lists. Which Celebrity would you kill? Or, which dead celebrity would you sleep with?
I will answer the first question.

Celebrities I would kill.

1: Renee Zellweger - I cannot stand this squinty eyed, clenched teeth talking, Bridget Jones star. You had me at hello? I don't think so Renee. You had me at your death rattle!

2: George Lucas - How can someone ruin Star Wars? I thought it was impossible. But Lucas proved it wasn't.

3: Lindsay Lohan - I've had enough of these celebrities complaining about how tough it is being famous. If you didn't want people following you, taking your picture, or generally harrassing you. Stop making movies and music videos.

4: James Cameron - Aliens, Terminator 2...Titanic? What was he thinking? Making Titanic was a crime against humanity. He deserves the death penalty.

5: George W. Bush - I don't think we need any explanation.

So...who would you kill? Or sleep with?


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