Wednesday, November 17

It's all a big conspiracy...

No, seriously, it is.
This past weekend I went to Niagara Falls. I take the 401 to the QEW and get off on the 406 to St. Catharines. While I was driving on the QEW towards Hamilton there was mild traffic. When I say mild traffic I mean that there were several motorists on the road but there was plenty of room to pass people in any lane. So, while I was driving in this mild traffic, a police car with it's lights flashing raced down the far left lane. Everyone managed to get into the centre and right lanes and maintain their speeds of about 100 to 120 km/h. The people who were going a lot faster than that managed to slow down. Anyway, once the cop had passed, everyone would manage to speed up a bit and go back into the lanes they were originally driving in. But, the police car didn't go very far past the main group of cars, of which I was one. He pulled ahead of us and started weaving from lane to lane across the highway. While he was weaving back and forth he began to slow down to about 40 km/h. Now I found this to be quite unusual. I was actually curious as to what was going on. I figured he was trying to slow traffic due to some sort of massive traffic accident or something. As we drove further on I still hadn't noticed anything on the horizon. We'd been driving in a crowd of cars at about 40 to 45 km/h for about 10 minutes. The police car with it's lights on ahead of us weaving the entire time. I began to get irritated. We continued at this pace for another two or three minutes. Finally the police officer pulled over to the side of the road. He parked behind a parked car and a tow truck. There was no 40 car pile up, there was no flaming bus, no hostages, no downed helicopter. Nothing. It was absolutely retarded. This cop slowed traffic for over fifteen minutes, and I'm sure cause a hell of a line up behind the main group of cars. Just for some broken down junker on the side of the highway. And it wasn't blocking a lane, it was on the shoulder, about four feet off the highway. There was plenty of passing room. It was ridiculous. I figure the whole thing is all about a business deal between the major oil companies and the police. The oil companies pay the police to slow traffic as often as possible. Thus causing the thousands of cars to use more gas in stop and go traffic, and then pay for more gas. Conspiracy I tell you.


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