Tuesday, October 12

Movie Reviews....

The Forgotten:

I wish I could forget this film. Yeah, I know, pretty lame, but so was the movie. The trailers made it look great. Some woman losing her mind, memories disappearing, and no one believes her. But the actual film is a pathetic attempt at a twist ending, which is given away before the half way mark. A big disappointment. Don't see it.

The Manchurian Candidate:

I was disappointed with this film. It had some pretty good reviews but it fell short of my expectations. The Manchurian Candidate was slow and pretty boring. It would have had more of an impact if I were american I'm sure. Although the ending was pretty interesting.

Batman: The Mystery of the Batwoman:

This film was incredible. It did justice to the previous Batman episodes and films. A complex action packed story line. The ending was a little predictable, but had a great twist. Five thumbs up.


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