Friday, October 15

Justice will be served....

So Ontario will be passing legislature to ban pit bulls. The government believes that the dogs are "ticking time bombs". They will be allowing owners to keep their current pit bulls, but are forcing them to wear leashes and muzzles, the dogs not the owners. The owners will also be required to spay or neuter their dogs. And no new dogs will be allowed into the province.
So, my question is this. How many deaths are caused by pit bull attacks each year, in comparison to say cigarette smoke related deaths? I'm sure there are more deaths due to cancer, or even inadvertant fires caused by cigarettes, than there are pit bull attack related deaths.
Why ban pit bulls, but allow people to continue to purchase and smoke cigarettes? Especially since there has been talk recently, of banning cigarette smoking in cars or rooms containing young children. It doesn't make any sense to me.
But then again, I guess pit bulls don't make the government a fortune in taxes every year, and I'm sure there aren't very many pit bull lobbies.


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