Friday, October 1

It's Friday...and as the kids would say "Woot woot"

I have no idea what 'woot woot' is, I think it's akin to the Aresenio Hall 'woof woof woof' thing of ages past.

Go check out another great post at Omniverse. I reccommend making this blog a daily read for those of you who don't already. "...insightful commentary of a variety of subjects..." Raves Chip Tijuana of Chiptijuana The Blog.

So, I watched Survivor last night. What a bore. They advertised 'more twists than an entire season', and surpises galore. But that so wasn't the case. The show has gotten so formulaic. They need to find something to spice it up. I think this time they figured they'd go for sex appeal. Throw a bunch of skinny girls with breast implants and some tall thin health club guys onto the island. Mix in some water challenges, mud, and physical activity. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well.

All the challenges are the same as previous years. The rewards are pretty much pre-determined. Try to win fire, try to win pillows, try to win fishing gear. Next will be some doritos and coke, maybe a barbeque. It's all the same crap.

The players are pretty much the same stupid people who think they know everything about how to play a game by copying the previous contestants on other shows. No one has any sort of originality. I watched one season, feels like it was two weeks ago really, where some blond kid named Jon lied about his grand mother being dead to win a challenge. That was pretty crafty.

But I think they have to start getting contestant who'll play the game a little bit differently. Instead of making a bunch of alliances on your first day, and then living in an atmosphere of mistrust and deceit until you merge, they should be trying to bond with all the members of the tribe. Learn team work, do some trust exercises, get to know each other. Then whip the other tribes ass. Make your alliances when everyone merges. Most of the previous alliances are broken up anyway at this point. I think the guys are especially dumb this season. Don't they know that women can't work together? I don't know what it is. But women are more territorial then men most of the time, they just can't seem to get along with each other. Maybe it's just the personality types on this show, or maybe the editing. But I've seen it in other instances. For some reason, when there's a competition, women just go at each others throats. The men should be aware of this. They should have been trying to find ways of learning how to work together so they could win some challenges, use the cattiness of the girls against them.

Oh well, it's a silly show, I've seen some interesting episodes in the past. But this season doesn't seem like it will have any of the appeal of previous Survivors. Maybe they should quit using tropical islands. Put them in the mountains. Or the wilderness in North America.


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