Monday, October 18

I heart huckabees....

"Everything is the same, even if it's different."

"I heart huckabees is brilliant." Raves Chip Tijuana.

I saw two great films this weekend. Pixistix and I went to the Parmount theatre in Toronto to see I heart huckabees on Saturday night. (It was a bit of a last minute plan, so I wasn't able to contact any bloggers and try to meet them.)
I heart this film. I heart everything about it. I heart the story, I heart the music, I heart the cast.
It was incredible, I couldn't stop laughing at the wacky antics of this group of characters. Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman as existentialist detectives, Jude Law as a perfectionist corporate ladder climber, Naomi Watts as his spokesmodel girlfriend, Jason Schwartzman as the poem writing eco-activist, Mark Wahlberg as the disgruntled fireman concerned about a global petroleum problem, Isabelle Huppert as the ying to Dusting Hoffman's and Lily Tomlin's yang, and of course, Shania Twain as herself.
This film is a must see. It was worth the five dollars to park in the underground at Bay and Queen, it was worth the cold walk down Queen to John, and it was worth the $27 admission for the two of us.

The second film I saw was Saved. If I've seen a film that made me laugh more than I heart huckabees, it would have been Saved. But I don't think it did, although it could have. I was tired when I saw it.
Saved reminded me so much of my born again Christian friends and my attitude towards their actions and their religion. I'm not sure if everyone will feel such a connection, so it may not come off as being as funny. But if you think you'd like to see a highschool drama movie in a unique religious atmosphere, and if you like McCauley Culkin. Then this flick is for you.


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