Thursday, October 7

Due South and Undergrads...

I really miss watching new episodes of Due South and Undergrads. Due South has always been a favourite of mine. It features some of the kookiest (that's probably not a word) story lines, and some outrageously funny characters. I also like the fish out of water aspect of having an ultra-stereotypical Canadian Mountie in Chicago. What an interesting and fantastic show. Plus, I've always thought Paul Gross would make a great Superman. He looks like Superman, and he's got the friendly act down.
I also miss Undergrads. From what I can tell there was only one season of this show ever made. I just don't understand why it was stopped. It was such a funny cartoon. The character design was incredible, and the animation was pretty decent too. It was so true-to-college-life. I could relate to so many of the experiences Nitz had, and they showcased so many of the typical college life characters. I wish they'd produce a few more seasons of this show.


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