Wednesday, September 29

Shark Tale...

Well, here it is, the ultimate computer animation no-no. Shark Tale. The new computer animated feature from Dreamworks. This is what I've been dreading since they began hiring big name actors to voice characters for 3D films. So far, most of the characters have had only a passing resemblance to the actors portraying them. But in this film they've decided to model each fish to look like the person doing the voice. It's horrible. It limits the range and originality of the character. Why would you want all your fish to look like famouse people? Fish don't look like people! Jeez! Especially Renee Zellweger. She doesn't even move her lips when she talks. And those damn squinty eyes, what is she supposed to be? A blind fish?
Anyway, this film looks like complete garbage. There seems to be no artistic merit to what they're doing, and the joke seem formulaic. It's going to be the computer animated version of Jimmy Fallon's new film Taxi. Daaaammmnn!


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