Wednesday, September 15

It's Sci-Fi Day...

Blamblog has a post dedicated to a Sci-Fi Geekout, and I figured I would follow suit.

Check out his links to a great Star Wars DVD Review. And several other topics including Enterprise, Smallville, and a Tom Hanks Polar Express interview.

After reading Blamb's post I began to reminisce about my favourite Sci-Fi moments. Some of my most fond memories of television are based on shows like Quantum Leap,Sliders and Star Trek TNG. I currently own the first and second season of Sliders on DVD, and I plan on buying Quantum Leap on DVD. The first season is available and the second season will be released in December from what I've read. I don't have any of the Star Trek TNG seasons on DVD. They're not really a priority right now. If I want a Trek fix all I have to do is watch Spike TV or the Space Network. Until they're taken off the air, I doubt I'll be investing in any DVDs.

I have to say though, Quantum Leap was my favourite of these Science Fiction shows. I've always enjoyed studying History, although I rarely do so now. And the time travel aspect of Quantum Leap was incredibly appealing. I also liked Sliders for the alternate realities. I've always wondered what our world would be like if certain events hadn't happened, or had different outcomes. My fondness for Star Trek TNG is simply based on incredible characters, superb writing, and a curiosity towards the unknown. And what's more unknown than space?

Although, I was never a fan of Seaquest, there's something odd about a show regaling the tales of a boy and his dolphin.

So what kind of Sci-Fi shows do you like? Assuming there is a "you" reading this right now.


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