Thursday, September 30

Hogwarts VS The North Pole...

I was reading a post over at The Omniverse called Magical Creatures, you can find the link to the article in the previous post, and it got me thinking. I'm sure these thoughts of mine have been thought before, and well documented on blogs and in the media world wide. But, since I haven't encountered them, they're new to me.

I was thinking about Harry Potter. Not just Harry Potter, but fundamentalist right winger religious people and Harry Potter. You see, I was reading an article in a news paper, probably the Globe and Mail, or maybe The National Post, when the second Harry Potter film was released in theatres. I also read a similar article when the newest Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix, hit bookshelves.

It seems as though several church groups and religious groups, have protested the sale of the Harry Potter books and movies, as they promote witch craft and unholy things of that sort. I've always dismissed the rantings of the overly zealous religious as what they are, rantings and ravings. But then I began to think. What's the difference between Santa Clause, or the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and any other mythical childhood figure, and Harry Potter? I mean, they all use a form of magic in one way or the other. The biggest differences that I can see, are that one; Harry Potter uses his magic to save the world from the evil Voldemort, while these other figures use their powers to bring stuff to spoiled little kids. And two; Harry Potter isn't as powerful as the aformentioned magical beasts. I mean, Harry would have to go through several years of post secondary magic school to make bottomless toy bags, and teach reindeer to fly at a speed that would allow him to traverse the entire planet in one night. He would also be hard pressed to achieve the same feats in the form of a rabbit with a bottomless basket of chocolate. He may not have as much trouble collecting the teeth, but it would take the brains of Hermoine to figure out a system to alert them of a tooth under a pillow. It would take the entrepeneurial skills of Fred and George Weasley to get the money needed to pay for all the teeth as well.

So, my point is, yes I have a point, is that there is no difference between Harry Potter and Santa Clause. Why teach your kids about a fat bearded magician who is so lazy he only works one day of the year, yet scorn others for showing an interest in another fictional wizard who tries to prevent disaster at every turn and provides an incredible fantasy world for children who would take the time to put away their video cassettes, lay down their McCain lunchables, and read a story?


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