Monday, September 27

Chat room nerds...

I've been playing 8-ball pool at Mini Clips and they have a chat room style lobby where the players can talk to each other while waiting to find a table to play at.
I find that the majority of the people chatting are complete idiots. Most of them cannot spell, have no use for punctuation, and don't have an original though in their heads.
Most of the people are looking for 'any hot f 16-19 from NY or NJ wanna cyber pm me'. The others are starting petty arguements and compensating for security and morality features by misspelling swear words.
Now I know for most of us net-junkies this is old news. But, I'm still not clear as to why these people spend so much of their time pursuing lurid or hostile encounters over the internet. It doesn't bother me most of the time. I can ignore the conversations taking place around me. But sometimes they try to entice me, or antagonize me, into joining their silly arguements, or web-based debauchery. This annoys me. Fortunately the programs provide a feature allowing me to block members who do this, but it's still time consuming. My usual response to an aggressor is to simply correct their spelling and tell them they're wasting their time. This usually solves the problem. Like slowing down when someone is tailgating you on a rural highway, they lose interest and move on to other prey.
But still, I wish people were more interested in sharing experiences and thoughts, rather than having cyber sex, or starting fights.


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