Friday, May 21

Is Anyone Out There?

I'm not even sure if anyone is visiting this anymore, as I haven't updated since November of last year, and that was after a long break of a month or two.

Well, I'm finished school now, and I'm out looking for work. Distributing my reels to all sorts of companies, hoping to get a bite or two.

Other than that, well, I'm not doing anything. Of course I'm enjoying my playoff hockey, and I'm watching the news and laughing as Bush falls further and further from the grace he seems to have had with the American public.

I might visit my friend Greg in New Jersey, he's working as an editor on a Christian show. He says he's getting sick of all the amens and hallelujiahs ( how do you spell that? ).

Anyway, that's it for now. I may just ressurect this thing if I get inspired enough, or another boring Government job.


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