Saturday, October 25

Blah blah freakin' blah

It's Saturday October 25, 2003. Monday is my birthday. I'm going to be 25 years old. I don't feel like I'm 25 though. I don't even know what 25 feels like. Maybe because I'm still 24 and won't be 25 for a couple days. Or maybe this is what 25 feels like. Maybe, just maybe, it doesn't really feel like anything. I've never thought of myself as old. But the number 25 is pretty intimidating. Steven Spielberg made Jaws when he was or before he was 25. I'm not going to do the research to find out his actual age, but I do it was somewhere in the general neighbourhood of 25. I haven't done anything significant. Although I guess most people go their entire lives and never accomplish anything as culturally significant as directing Jaws. It still doesn't comfort me. Maybe age is a mental thing, rather than a chronilogical thing. I don't feel as though I'm "grown up". I still feel young, although not as energetic as I once was, at least not in the same ways. I do know however, that this is my last year of formal schooling for quite awhile. I will try to get a job in one of my chosen fields, film or 3D animation once I've completed this course. Now, once I've made that attempt and worked for a few years wherever I end up, I may go back to school for further education, but not for some time.
I've been reading Michael Moore's new book, Dude Where's My Country. It's pretty good so far. He's really sticking it to Bush in this one, he doesn't seem to be holding back. Hopefully the American populace will wake up and see what's happening in their country.
I just finished re-reading Michael Crichton's Timeline. It's a great book if you're into medieval and science fiction. I really enjoy Crichton's work, the scientific detail he includes in his books really add touch of reality and possibility to otherwise impossible situations.
So many things are happening in the world, it's hard to keep up with current events. Especially with Mayoral elections looming. Politicians are generally idiots. One of the people running for Mayor or a Councillor in Oshawa has claimed that once some of the downtown apartment buildings are renovated and sold as condos they will bring in higher class tenants who will begin to shop downtown, and the increased revenue will spur an aesthetic revolution. Suddenly all the rundown, dirty shops will have the income to repair the buildings, refurbish the stained bricks, and repaint their peeling walls. I for one believe that to get the wealthy people to move into these new condos the city must first repair the downtown core, make it look a little more appealing.
I wish there were some sort of by-law requiring businesses or landlords to maintain well kept establishments. I also believe the city should control the sort of shops or entrepeneurial enterprises that are established in the downtown area. There are too many seedy pubs, pawn shops, convenience stores, and bargain shops. I'm not talking about trendy thrift shops, or secondhand stores. The current shops in downtown Oshawa are disgusting. Gaudy yellow signs, mispelled home made advertisment boards. And disgustingly tacky, cheap wares. This city needs an economical transfusion.
As I aimlessly wander from topic to topic, I mustn't forget to say "get well Ice Queen".
Ciao for now my friends.

Sunday, October 19

Slowly...slowly, getting back into the act

I'm in Ottawa right now, surfing the net on my friend / ex-roommate's Mac. I've been reading all the regular blogs, although I still have a few to go. I must say, Blamblog is still as interesting as it always is, and of course Sister, and ice Queen, and Crabby are wowing me like always. So after reading their posts I've been inspired to write one of my own.
I came up to Ottawa with two of my friends from my 3D Animation course to check out the Animation Festival, and to visit with my old roommate and friends in Ottawa.
So far we've spent the weekend roaming around downtown, having a few beers at local pubs and reminiscing about the old days. It's been a lot of fun. Ottawa is a great place to be during the fall season, and visiting friends is always a fun way to spend your time.
I read Blamb's review of Kill Bill, and I agree with him 100%. This fillm pulls no punches. It's good gracious me wacky wild and a real kick in the groin! i'm not sure about the whole Tarrantino Jesus Christ Superstar, as I've never seen Jesus Christ Superstar, but as soon as I have a chance to see it, then I'll pass judgement.
There are so many issues of the day lately, I've found that I don't have the passion to rant about them as I once did. Maybe I'm noticing that I have little to no effect on the outcome of world events, so I've decided to do as most others do, and just sit silently and watch the world pass me by. Or maybe I'm just too busy with some amazingly fun, complicated, and important school assignments, to take the time to write about my thoughts and feelings. I'm not sure what it is.
But I did manage to rant about something. I ranted about the movie Twister during the car ride to Ottawa.
I believe that Twister, is one of the worst films ever. It made no sense what so ever. I don't know why anyone would sympathize with the main characters. I don't care if Helen Hunt gets sucked into a whirling vortex and torn to shreds by a swirling mass of refuse. I mean, anyone stupid enough to purposely get really really close to a fucking tornado deserves whatever they get. And dammit, what kind of valuable scientific information can you possibly glean from a big funnel of air? They finally manage to get that big bucket of plastic balls, that look like the little containers that used to hold things like sticky hands that you got out of supermarket gum ball machines, into the air, and all they find out is that their computer is giving them a nifty looking graphic of a big swirl. Holy shit. How dumb are you, that you didn't know what a tornado looked like on the inside? What? You mean that big inverted cone of swirling air doesn't resemble a blueprint of the Starship Enterprise on the inside? Well I'll be damned! Oh, and during the climax of the film, they're running from an F5, the bad mother fucker or all tornados, and they decide to hide in a barn. Because there's NOTHING dangerous in a barn!!! Anyway, Twister sucked ass.