Thursday, August 14


I had a very disturbing dream last night. I dreamt that I was attending my 10 year highschool reunion. I wasn't any older than I am now, so it wasn't happening in the future, and everyone looked exactly like they should look 6 years after graduation. I walked up to the building alone. I saw a few people I recognized and over heard conversations about old acquaintances. There were two people, one of guy who was a friend of a friend of mine, and a girl I had a crush on, and they were hand in hand, the girl wearing an engagement ring, and the guy kissing her hand frequently.
When I got into the building I entered the room where the reunion was to take place, it was a classroom. I sat in a desk near the middle of the room. I specifically thought about where to sit, believing the back to be too far away from any important things that might be said, and in the front I wouldn't be able to socialize with my friends.
As people entered the room I began to recognize many of my old friends. They all sat around or near me. We began talking about inconsequential matters of life and politics. As more people entered the room got darker.
My memories are somewhat jumbled, but I remember seeing a lot of men walking in, young men, my age, or younger, that I didn't know. I assumed they were from the Grade 12 graduating class, as I was attending the reunion of the OAC graduating class that I was part of.
I also remember looking for people I knew and only seeing people I didn't really socialize with in highschool. Then I began to see good friends of mine. I said hi to a lot of them and began talking to them. One of them, my friend Mike Weldon, who for the last few years has been attending a Bible College in Toronto, and whom I haven't seen in many years, was wearing a cheap mullet wig. I'm not sure why.
I talked with several of my friends and then a slow song began to play, everyone stood up to dance, I stood up too. I didn't have a date, so I asked the first girl I saw to dance with me. She was a girl I knew in elementary school, but have never been close friends with, Paula Graham. I began to dance with her, but she didn't really know any dance steps, she would just kind of rock back and forth. So I got disappointed and left her on the floor.
The next thing I remember is seeing my friend Corrine. She was kissing a really ugly, bald, short, skinny mean looking guy. For some reason I began to get mad, and I asked her why she was kissing him. She said it was because he was the only one who asked her to dance. So I told her that she could dance with me, and she wouldn't have to kiss me to do it.
At this point I woke up. I didn't dance with her, nor do I know if she tried to kiss me anyway.
It's an odd dream. I don't know why I dreamt this dream, and I have no idea what the significance of any of the images are.
Maybe one of my cool blogging pals is a dream interpreter. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you were. Especially Sister, Crabby or IceQueen. You three are always full of surprises.

Tuesday, August 12

Online Dating - The Sequel

Well, as you all know by now, or hopefully you know, as it would be silly of you to read a sequel without having read the original (located directly below this post.), Kirk has been set up on an Online Dating service.
So far there have been two responses to enquiring e-mails made by me, acting as Kirk. Now let me specify, when I send a potential date or match an e-mail in his name, I keep it short and make it fairly generic, but throw in a level of humour and interest which I know he is capable or more than capable of matching.
So, one of the girls who’s responded has asked to know a bit more about Kirk. I will have to notify Kirk about this girl’s interest, so that he can continue the correspondence himself.

Now, here’s the rub.

It turns out that on Sunday night when I was completing Kirk’s profile, and sending out ice breaker e-mails to women on the dating service that appeared to be appropriate matches, I was on MSN talking to my friend Greg, Kirk’s roommate. Now, once I had noticed that Kirk had received an e-mail from an interested female, I told Greg to tell Kirk about the online dating service, and that he had a response from someone.
Greg messaged me back and said; “Kirk wants to know what she’s like.” I told Greg to have Kirk go online himself and check it out, but Greg told me he was busy working on the computer and would relay the information to Kirk, who would then check the site later on in the evening.
Now, of course, I believed Greg was actually telling Kirk everything I was saying, and the answers I received to my questions were coming from Kirk.
I was wrong.
And I found out about my error last night, when Kirk called, asking me why he had been signed up on Casual Kiss, and why we were trying to set him up with a pregnant girl. By the way, the girl who responded to Kirk / Me is due to have a baby in October.
I tried to explain to Kirk that he already knew about this girl, and she was the one I was talking about when I asked him all the questions, including what do you think about a pregnant girl?
Kirk denied any knowledge of the dating site, and a pregnant girl.
Now, this is bad news. Because I had responded to the pregnant girl’s e-mail, with answers, which I thought were supplied by Kirk, to some questions of hers, one of which was regarding her being pregnant.
It turns out the answers were being given to me by Greg, having been made up by Greg, and thus translated into passable English, minus severe profanity, and inserted into a response e-mail by me.
The situation, as it now stands, is that Kirk is mad because he’s on an on-line dating service, he’s angry because a pregnant girl is interested in him, and thinks he’s interested back, and I’m the one taking all the blame, because I was the person who actually filled in all the information and wrote the e-mail. Fortunately for me, I’ve explained the situation to Kirk, and he will now be beating the crap out of our lying roommate Greg.
My dilemma, is how do I now tell this girl that Kirk just wants to be friends, without hurting her feelings? I’m thinking of trying to convince Kirk that dating a girl who is having a baby wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but if that doesn’t work, what do I do??
Thanks in advance for all your good advice bloggers !

Monday, August 11

Personal Ads - Online Dating

Hello folks,

After a few days off, I'm anxious to get blogging again. The only problem was thinking of something to write about. Current events are getting a little boring right now, and my personal life isn't exactly full of espionage and intrigue either.
So I'm going to tell you a story, a true story, about my friend Kirk, his roommate (my ex-roommate) Greg, and myself.
This story begins in my first year of college, but I'm not going to start at the beginning. I will just give you a quick summary of earlier events. I met Kirk in Residence and Greg in my course during first year of college. In second an third year Kirk was a roommate of mine in a house we shared with three other friends. Greg was local so although he didn't live there, he was always around.
Anyway, now you know how we met.
Kirk is from Ottawa, or Renfrew more specifically, and Greg is still living in Ottawa so they got an apartment together on August 1st this year.
Greg has recently found a girlfriend, her name is Heather, she's a really cool chick. Kirk on the otherhand has trouble finding women. In fact, he's hopeless. We don't understand why though, he's an extremely friendly and outgoing individual, he's charming and funny. I guess it's his looks. He's fairly short, about 5'6", and he's ...uh...big boned! He must weigh somewhere around the 300 lb mark. But most of it is solid muscle with some fat on top. Unfortunately he's going bald at an early age, he's 23, and he doesn't have the best set of teeth.
But other than these minor issues, there is no reason he shouldn't have a girlfriend.
So Greg and I have taken it upon ourselves to find him a girl. Which up until now we haven't exactly been excelling at. You see, Greg and I are a couple of dumbasses. As you can tell from reading my blog, I'm not exactly the most mature person around here. If I have the maturity level of a 10 year old, Greg would be about 5 and a half.
So, suffice it to say, we've been unsuccessful in our mission to find a companion for our good buddy Kirk.
About two weekends ago I found out that Greg, or possibly another of my idiot friends had signed me up on some sort of mailing list, probably originating with some sort of transvestite pornography site. And I began receiving e-mails about free online dating sites.
I decided that these sites would be a great way to find a woman for Kirk. So I began to sign him up on all sorts of them, without telling him, it turns out he's not into the online dating scene. Eventually I began to notice that these sites allow you to create a profile, but if you'd like to contact a memeber you have to pay money to do so. So I gave up on the idea, as I'm not going to spend any cash to find someone for Kirk, I'd be better off saving the money and hiring a prostitute for him.
Then, I stumbled upon a site I had heard of from one of Kirk's friends. It's called Casual Kiss, better known as CS to it's users. This site is 100% free (at the moment), it allows you to create a profile, download a picture, send e mails, participate in chats, join interest based online clubs. Everything. It's amazing.
So I signed Kirk up. I got a picture of him from Greg, and I began searching for girls he might like, and or have a chance with. Currently he's received two responses from interested ladies.
Now my dilema is this....Although Kirk now knows he's on the site, and knows that girls have e-mailed him, he hasn't shown any initiative in responding to them himself, asking me to do so for him, is it ethical for me to do so? Should I be chatting and e mailing these women as Kirk? What if they're interested in him for his personality, which is my personality, which is different from his? Anyway, what do you think?