Friday, August 1


In the comments section of my SARS Concert post, Ice Queen used the word "Rubes". I love that! I like all sorts of seldom used words or phrases. Like "That's the rub", or "It's the bees knees", or "I'm just joshin' 'ya!".
Whenever I hear someone use a phrase or word like the ones mentioned above, I add it to my vocabulary of unexpected responses to every day situations. Does anyone else have any rare, unique, or otherwise seldom used phrases or words they like to use? I'm going to think of others that I've become accustomed to saying, but it's hard to do so when I'm at work...this place just sucks the creativity right out of you!

Wednesday, July 30

SARS Concert

Hey, let's throw a concert to boost business in Toronto.
Okay, but how will a concert help.
Uh, well people will come to T.O. and spend their money.
On what?
Uh, cab fare?

Okay, so people are coming to T.O. for the concert, that's not really in T.O. They'll eat food at the concession booths, or bring their own, they'll park, use portable toilets, and drive home later that night. No one will be staying in a Toronto Hotel cause it's on a Wednesday, no one will eat in T.O. restaurants because it's not over until late and it starts too early, and they'll want good seats so they'll bring their own food.
No one will shop in downtown stores for the same reason.
If anything it's going to detract from business, I know I won't be going to Toronto, because of the concert traffic, and I'm sure many others won't go either.
So how does this really help T.O. business?
Maybe it would boost the failing economy if it were closer to downtown, and on a Friday or Saturday so people would stay in town and go shopping the next day.
Anyway, as far as I can tell this is just going to be a big PR stunt with no real benefits. In fact, it may make things worse, now that we've been cleared from the SARS warning list, and it's almost gone in China and stuff, no one mentions SARS. People are beginning to forget about it. So what does Toronto do?
I throws a big party with word SARS in the title.
Good job!

Tuesday, July 29

New Chip

Visit my About Me site. It has a photo !

Wow, Blogger has changed again. I go away for a weekend, and BAM! The whole template has been revamped. I wish they would ask me first. Sheesh.

Anyway, my weekend was mucho funo. I didn't see Ice Queen at Niagara on the Lake, because I didn't manage to go to Niagara on the Lake. But next time, I'm sure I'll try to find her.
I did however manage to do one thing I've been planning on doing, I went and saw Pirates of the Carribean with Pixi-Stix. It was fantastic. The animation was amazing, Johnny Depp was hilarious, Legolas did a great job, and it was about pirates with sword fights, it doesn't get much better than that.
We alos saw the new Tomb Raider movie. It sucked.

Other than that we didn't do much. Saturday night we visited one of my friends and played Trivial Pursuit with a group of people, the same people we used the Oujia (is that the correct spelling?) board with a few weeks ago. They're a fun group, but I'm not sure if Pixi really enjoys the outtings as much as I do. As they are mainly my friends rather than hers.

Oh, and in case I forgot to post about this, Pixi has a new fish, Molly Ringwald, or Ringwold, or something, anyway, you know who I mean. It's a smaller female version of Terry Fox, and she eats like a human woman !