Thursday, July 24

Conspiracy! Shout it out now!

Okay, so the U.S. managed to nail Saddam's two sons, who were near the top of the most wanted list, right in the middle of a big PR nightmare with the entire forged documents, bad information, stupid President, scandal. It turns out that these two criminals were found with bruised faces and heavy beards. Now according to this article they never wore thick beards, but it's believed they may have altered their appearance to avoid detection.
Yeah, right. Or maybe they were in a frikkin' cage for the last few months, while they got beaten up and managed to become nice and pale. Of course these may not even be the right guys, as all the U.S. released were head shots. Anyway, I'm thinking that it's way too coincidental that the U.S. managed to pull this off right in the midst of a political scandal for their unelected leader.
What do you think?

Wednesday, July 23


Forgive me, I'm experimenting.

Tuesday, July 22

Hey man, they stole my pot !

Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title.
A report on the CBC website says that a woman called the police after two men stole some of her marijuana.
It sounds kind of crazy. Calling the cops because someone stole your drugs. But it's true. The report also says that people feel comfortable enough with the recent ruling by an Ontario judge saying that possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana is no longer illegal, that they even smoke it in their vehicles.
I've never been much of a drug user, but I don't think I would have the guts to do that kind of thing until I saw something published by the Federal Government officially decriminalizing marijuana.
Subtle Signals

My friend Jeff is trying to find out if a girl he likes is giving him any sort of signals showing her interest in him. He believes she may like him, but he's not sure. He, like most men, is not very good with subtle signals and signs when it comes to women.
Jeff is kind of a player, he's dating a girl he met at a bar a couple of days ago, and he's dating a couple of girls here at work. But now he's flirting with a girl that he's liked for a long time. He says he's putting a log of effort into it, but he's not getting any clear impressions.
She's a friendly person, but she seems to pay a bit of extra attention to him. When he's around she'll break off a conversation she's having with someone else to talk to him. But she doesn't give any of the regular physical signals. She doesn't do the hair flip, or the lip lick, or the gentle knee touch, or any of those.
She smiles at him regularly, but she does that with most people.
I think his main problem is that she's very pretty and he's afraid that a girl as pretty as she is, wouldn't like him.
I too am bad with all the signals. Most of the girls I've dated have made the first move, or blatantly told me they like me. Pixi-Stix did, and had she not, I wouldn't have had the guts to ask her out.
Why are women so damn subtle all the time? Don't you all know that guys are horrible when it comes to recognizing signs? And we're all intimidated by the girls we like, so it's hard for us to build up the courage to ask you out. Silly women! It's a surprise that any of us are with each other !
My Nickname

My Cowboy Nickname is Chip "Buck Eyed" Tijuana.
Try out this funky name generator and tell me what your cowboy nickname is.