Friday, July 18

I wonder if Homer lent these guys a couple grand?

It looks like a Japanese toy maker has found a way to translate cat language. That's right, no more wondering what the cat is saying when it meows. This machine will actually tell you what it means.
The gadget is called Meowlingual and it's the follow up to Bowlingual, the dog translator.
I guess something like this could be a lot of fun. But I'm pretty sure that most cat owners know exactly what the cat is saying when it's meowing.
They should really get to work on Uncy Herb's baby translator !

Thursday, July 17

What does a $15 Gucci handbag and terrorism have in common?

You wouldn't think they have much in common, but according to a story on CNN last night, that isn't true. CNN ran a story which claimed that counterfeit merchandise sold by street vendors is a major source of funding for terrorist cells. I'm not sure why, but that story sounded kind of stupid to me. Maybe it's because of the conspiracy theorist in me. I'm beginning to think the major designers are looking for a way to stop sales of bootleg merchandise. If linking counterfeits to terrorism was their idea, it's brilliant. The gullible American public will eat it up.
"Oh god! The $25 I paid for my Ronex watch probably went to fund the Al-Queda!"
You'd think they would be able to find something else to talk about. Maybe the lies the President has been telling, or the unemployment rate, or those plastic ducks that have floated across the world after falling off a ship.
Stuff like that. Real news, no more spreading fear across the mind of the average american like peanut butter on a pancake!

Wednesday, July 16

Coming Soon...

Another Pixi-post !
The Weekend

I had an amazing weekend. Friday evening I went to Ottawa to visit my ex-roommate. We ended up going downtown to the Bluesfest. There was live music, cheap drinks, and plenty of cool places to visit.
Saturday morning we went to the Hope Beach Charity Volley-ball tournament. Unfortunately the weather was kind of crappy so I decided to head out to the cottage my parents rent every year.
The weather at the cottage, about an hour and a half south and west of Ottawa, was much nicer. I managed to get some sun and had a nice steak dinner with my folks.
Sunday morning my God-Parents came to the cottage, so I abandonned the adults and went out to entertain my youngest brother and two of his friends that he brought with him.
Normally we borrow a motor for the boat that comes with the cottage, from a friend of the families, but because he wasn't there on Sunday, all we had was a large flat bottomed wood boat and some oars.
My brothers and his friends wanted to go to a rock wall that we jump off of into the lake, so I had to row the entire way. I'm not sure the actual distance but I'm sure the lake is at least as big or bigger than the campus of York University. (Most of my readers can identify with that).
Later that day, after I had rowed from one end of the lake to the other, and back again. The guy who lends us the motor came back from wherever he was, and we put it on the boat.
Once we had a motor it made everything a lot easier on me and my back! I'm still sore from all the rowing.
Sunday and Monday were so nice I decided to call in sick for Tuesday, and stay an extra day. Each day I spent with my brother and his friends climbing small cliffs and jumping into the lake. We also found a tarzan rope swing to play on too.
We had three camp fires. One on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. They were the first fires at the cottage all year. So far it's been a very dry season so there's been a fire ban. But last week it was very wet so the ban was lifted.
The only down side to being at the cottage was that I had to sleep on an air matress because there are only two rooms, and my parents and God-Parents had dibs on them.
That and my Mom snores really loud!
Anyway, time really flies when you're having fun. I would love to buy a cottage and spend as much time there as possible. I love swimming and fishing and camp fires and everything else about being at a cottage, well except maybe the bugs. But if you get a nice breezy evening the mosquitos kind of leave you alone.

Tuesday, July 15

Before you go and de-link me....

I've been at a cottage my parents rent since Friday night, I just got back this evening around five thirty. So be patient. I'll have a post about my wonderful weekend, as soon as I've caught up with some chores.
Ciao for now.