Friday, July 11

Low Fat?

Tim Horton's has downsized their doughnuts.
The uber-popular coffee joint has shrunk their doughnuts to the prescribed doughnut size of 1964, in an effort to "standardize" the size of doughnuts across the country in all Tim Hortons restaurants.
Does this mean they can advertise them as having fewer calories than before?

I regret to inform you. Will Ferrell is dead. He was found floating upside down in his tank this morning when Pixi Stix went to feed him. She said he was fuzzy. She's not sure how he died, but it happened some time last night, and he was dead long enough to get some mold on him. It's a tragic passing, but as he was a new addition, it's not as sad as when Terry will finally die.
Please, a moment of silence for our dear departed flippered friend....
Political Bloggin'

I've been checking out a lot of sites that I hadn't had a chance to visit recently. And one of my former favourites during the whole pro-war anti-war blog debate has had some insightful posts. I would recommend checking out The Alternative Patriot - Pamela Shorey if you're at all interested in an intelligent view of current events and politics. She also has a great clip from the Villiage Voice, called The Gay Review.
So go there, and read her stuff. It may take a few seconds, or even minutes to load the page.
Pixi Bloggin' 2 - The Return of Pixi Stix !

You know, I never was into the blogging/posting aspect of boards and websites, only because I never really had anything important to comment on. I can't say I'm a very political person. If the politicians in my city were to advertise on TV with kittens, or give me chocolate if I voted for them, I'd totally be into it.
But, otherwise I honestly don't pay attention to such things.
Toys, cartoons, animals, and pretty shiny things are the way to my heart. Not to say I'm superficial, I just seem to enjoy talking to fish and furniture mor than a politics student at a Starbucks.

Today, I'm going to talk about Horror movies. Any fans out there? I'm a zombie fan, honestly. Chip took me to see that new zombie movie, '28 Days Later'. I was pretty impressed. Usually I'm very relaxed during horror movies, but this one actually scared me to death. As far as I'm concerned, Zombies are the scariest horror creatures out there. No, seriously, think about it.

Okay, Vampires: Suck your blood, afraid of crosses and garlic, sound like Count Chocula. Not particularly scary. Not even the weird scrunchie faces the vampires make on Buffy are even remotely frightening.
Next, Ghosts: Oooh, moaning, wailing, generally trapped in a room. Much like your average porno flick. And most ghosts these days seem to be scary little children. Chip and I were discussing this, what is the obsession the U.S. film industry has with scary little British kids?
As for Werewolves, mummies, and any other 'miscellaneous' types of movie monsters out there, well the imagination just isn't there anymore.
That horrible 'Darkness Falls' movie was about a scary Tooth Fairy. Don't look at her face or she's gonna' rip out your teeth! AHHHH! I guess they were running out of ideas.
Which brings me, once again, to zombies. The whole premise of a zombie is terrifying. They generally attack in hordes. They're slow, that gives you an edge, but not much. Because they are always right behind you. Everywhere. And with zombies, one bite, one scratch, and you're one of THEM! That's right, you'll turn into a zombie. Or worse, they actually eat you alive. I guess it's the whole idea of a person trying to eat your arm. It just seems a lot more scary because you don't expect it.
You see a giant moss-covered slime creature coming out of a swamp, growling at you, you just kinda figure it's bad. But, you see your grand parents coming at you in slow-mo with a sort of pasty pallor, and mumbling a lot, you don't really think anything's up, until they try to gnaw on your leg. Bam! And now you're turning into one of them.
The '28 Days Later' movie kind of strays from the average zombies (I consider myself a zombie afficionado). In '28 Days Later' the zombies move at warp speed, break through walls, and they snarl and stuff. It was a cool movie, although slightly inaccurate. At least they didn't walk with their arms straight out and have blue skin-paint flaking off.
What do you think? What are your favourite horror movies? (And anyone who goes for anything 80's - Chucky, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc, you get a gold star!)

Thursday, July 10

Those Kids and their wacky cell phones!

I was reading an article on that was describing new forms of mischief stemming from cell phones with built in digital cameras. It seems as though digital cameras in cell phones, while popular, but still rare in North America, is quiet common in Asian countries. With over 25 million of these phones in Japan, and over 3 million in South Korea, digital camera phones are the in thing.
There have been problems with people using the new technology for devious purposes, like taking pictures up women's skirts, and over bathroom stall doors.
I think a digital camera as part of a cell phone is a cool concept, but useless for me. I don't use my cell phone as it is, and if I want a camera, I'll just buy a camera.
The article also said Japan "...leads the world in fancy mobile phones."
I wonder if they'll make that some sort of national motto: "Leadus the Worldicus in Fanciusis Cellularis Phonicus".

Leading up to my question of the day....

If you were a country what would your national motto be, and what would your flag look like?

Mine would be - "Chip Tijuana - The Country" and the flag would have a black silhouette of me on a red background.

Wednesday, July 9

Pixi Bloggin

The latest report is in. Pixi will be writing a few more posts for Chip Tijuana - The Blog. And she will be working on her own blog soon, it will be fluffy and pink as far as I can tell. Just so you know...

Last night I took my youngest brother to WWE Smackdown at the Air Canada Centre. I admit I used to be a big wrestling fan in my younger days, and I'm still amazed at some of the high flying acrobatics and choreographed moves these guys do, but Pro-Wrestling has officially lost it's appeal.
The event was fairly boring, and very predictable. They had a white guy pretending to be a free style rapper, a former Olympic gold medalist (in wrestling no less) pretending to be the down home, wholesome good guy, there was a Latino guy who speaks with a bad Mexican accent, driving a low rider with hydraulics, and sporting a greasy mullet. There was a small Japanese guy wearing a sparkling outfit called Ultimo Dragon, who did all sorts of crazy high flying moves. Hell, they even have a one legged wrestler.
The "good guys" came out and said good things about Toronto, while the "bad guys" would insult the city, the women had a few cat fights and one girl managed to lose her shorts revealing a not too sexy pair of baggy panties. And the final match ended with the hero Brock Lesnar fighting three men and getting choke-slammed through an announcers table.
The one thing that really stood out was the popularity of professional wrestling. There were thousands of fans there, many wearing t-shirts or hats, with their favourite wrestler's logo or saying on them. And unlike when I was a child, it was mostly adults attending the event. There were a lot of children too.
I guess pro-wrestling is one of those forms of entertainment that not only inspires loyalty from the fans, but manages to bridge the age gap. This phenomenon is possibly the most sports-like aspect of pro-wrestling.
Nevertheless, the evening was an enjoyable one. I like hanging out with my little brother, and it's always nice to be in smoggy downtown Toronto. We saw an assortment of homeless people, beggars, and drug addicts. There were some prostitutes on the corner when we were leaving the event, and while we stood in line a crazy man in a black suit was preaching about Jesus.
All in all a good night, despite the $20 special event parking fee, and the $4.50 bag of popcorn. Luckily we brought our own drinks.

Tuesday, July 8


Fish and 80's Things

Ok, so I have an obsession with 80's toys, media, etc. Chip says it's an
unhealthy obsession, but I don't drop 200 a week on comic books, so to each
their own, right?
See, I was working in a toy store in Ottawa and that helped feed my 80's toy
collection. No, not originals, but I have a few of those too. For instance,
my prize posession is my 1985 Jem/Jerrica doll (first relase, baby), with
the flashing earrings. Jem is a passion. In fact, I am going to be Jem for
Halloween. I have 9 Jem videos of cartoons. I want to get a poster plaqued
for my room. You would think the giant pink palmtree mullet wouldn't have
any appeal today, but oh yes. I think she's beautiful. I also have a
frightening Punky Brewster doll in a box. Have you seen this doll? It's
hideous. It looks just like Soleil Moon Frye when she was younger. The only
doll I have seen that is grosser is the 'Michelle' doll from Full House.
Honestly, that should have been the doll they used in the Chucky movies.
Scariest thing I have ever seen.
Then I have a bunch of random stuff. Garbage Pail kids cards, a stuffed
Gizmo, Smurfs and a smurf house, My Little Ponys, my She-Ra castle,
California Rasins, and C.U.T.I.E.S on a card (If anyone remembers
M.U.S.C.L.E toys for boys, the Cuties were the cheezy female equivilents -
not fighting figures, little band members and rock stars.) They, are also
hideous. Most things from the 80's are. I mean, look at Whitesnake.
The cartoons were really what I was into. I scour these video stores for any
old VHS cassettes of 80's cartoons they may be selling. The Blockbuster in
Niagara Falls hates me. I bugged them for 8 solid months for their "Truly
Outrageous" Jem Video. But I have it, so who cares?
I can talk about 1980's facts, and cartoon trivia all day. No, seriously.
Don't challenge me on it. I never shut up.
Another one of my obsessions is pets. Chip wouldn't let me have a real pet
that cuddles and barks or meows because of his allergies and he is an
animal-hater. No, I'm kidding. So due to allergies, I had to settle for the
fish. I have two Betta fish (Samurai Fighting Fish as they are called I
suppose) and I love them. In fact, since they are the only pet I have
available I talk to them and try to give them more of a personality than
fish should have. My first one is blue and green and his name is Terry Fox.
He appears to be slowly dying. As the clerk at the Pet Store in Oshawa so
affectionately told me 'Oh. When they turn colours, they are gonna croak.'
Terry now is turning red, so I'm waiting for the croaking to commence.
However, I love him, and I am going to probably react like a five year old
when he dies. I will most likely bawl and make someone bury him in the
My other Betta is new.. he's technically Terry's substitute and my emotional
substitute. He's red. (I only hope he wasn't SUPPOSED to be blue and they
sold him to me croak-ready.) I named him Will Ferrell. He doesn' have as
much personality as Terry, and he just lays there in his plastic plant. He
isn't nearly as much fun to talk to. I suppose I'm just picking favourites.
But Terry was here first, and he commands my love, at least until he becomes
too boring to watch anymore. Just kidding.

Baby Faces and Heels

My brother's friend won some tickets to WWE Smackdown at the Air Canada Centre by calling in to a radio show. He is in need of cash and doesn't like wrestling, so he gave them to my brother, who gave them to me and my youngest brother, if that makes any sense.
So tonight I'm going to go see Smackdown. At one time I would have been really excited about this, hell, two years ago and I'd have been pretty thrilled. But for some reason I just don't care about wrestling any more.
When I was a little kid I was a huge fan of the WWF (which later became WWE after losing a law battle with the World Wildlife Fund over rights to the letters WWF). Wrestling was so entertaining, with high energy flamboyant performers like Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake, and George the Animal Steele.
The WWE still has many colourful characters, in fact Hulk Hogan is still actively wrestling, despite the fact that he is probably 50 years old.
But somehow, wrestling has become tiring for me. The moves are better, the characters are funnier, but the story lines aren't nearly as good as they used to be. In the 1980's and early to mid 1990's there was a clear line between good guys and bad guys in pro-wrestling. The baby faces and the heels.
Now, they have bad guys who get more cheers than the good guys, and good guys who would've been called bad guys back in the old days.
I think the thing I liked most about pro-wrestling was the clear distinction between black and white, you knew who the hero was, and you didn't have to worry because you knew, that in the end, good would always defeat evil.
Now wrestling is full of bad asses that are fan favourites, and really bad asses that are hated by most but still cheered on by a few. The matches include more violence and thus there are more injuries. In modern pro wrestling it's not unusual for your favourite character to disappear for a month or two because of an injured knee, back or neck.
There is also a new aspect of sex appeal in pro-wrestling. The WWE Divas are the modern day equivalent of the women of wrestling like Miss Elizabeth, or Scary Sherri. These former female stars were usually managers or part of an entourage. But the WWE Divas, Trish Stratus, Stacey Keebler, Torri Wilson, and others, are basically scantily clad hard bodied, fake breasted, sex objects. Fortunately several of these women are outstanding in-ring competitors, thus lending a bit of credence to their characters.
All in all, wrestling has changed in the same manner of most every form of entertainment, it's added more violence, darker images, complicated story lines, and sex appeal.
So by removing the solid base of good guys versus bad guys, pro-wrestling has simply become another brick in the wall of modern entertainment, and it doesn't really offer anything I can't find at the movies or on the TBS Superstation movie of the week.
It doesn't mean that I won't watch it if it's on, but I don't care anymore if I do happen to miss an episode.
I wonder if this growing trend for television and movies to evolve and add more violence, sex appeal and complicated story telling, is what is causing the feelings of nostalgia and the revival of "vintage" entertainment? Maybe channels like Deja View featuring shows like Knight Rider, the A-Team and Gilligan’s Island, are so popular because those shows from the past offered something we can't find in modern entertainment, a distinction between black and white, good and evil, the baby faces and the heels.

Monday, July 7

Political Blogging...

The Ice Queen gave me a blog rating of medium on my last post due to it being too political.
I'm not really sure what that means exactly, and I'm not really sure what else I can blog about. Most of my blogs are aiming towards current events, rather than political commentary. Unfortunately the only real events worth talking about are political ones.
My home life just isn't interesting enough to write about. I've never really kept journals, and when I did for class assignments I would simply make stuff up.
So, from now on, to avoid being too political, and because I want that link that I rightfully earned through months of loyal reading, I will begin writing non-political posts, which may or may not be true.
Of course there will always be a few mentions of political events and happenings, like the human toll of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq.
So, look for more posts concerning every day life in the little universe I like to refer to as the Chip-iverse.