Wednesday, June 11


Why is everyone making such a big deal over the legalization of gay and lesbian marriages? If gays want to marry lesbians let them, uh wait, I think I missed the point on that one.
Why did it take the media so long to start question the lack of WMD in the Iraqi invasion?
Why did it take so long for people to start investigating the lack of SARS cases in the U.S.?
Why doesn't anyone vote NDP?

Why? Why? Why?

Someone please provide me with some answers. Or maybe Dick and Kim can help make up a good conspiracy theory.

Tuesday, June 10

The Update Continues

You may notice some changes in the Bio now. Including where Chip lives and a nice little Star Wars quote courtesy of IMDB, so don't blame Chip if it's wrong.

So the Devils won the Stanley cup. Damn, but yay. I didn't want the team that beat out the Sens to win, but I didn't want the words Mighty Ducks to appear on the trophy, it was a tough call.

I'm counting down the days to the American Idol movie. It will mark the fist anniversary of my biggest act of arson yet. So if you hear some reports of a theatre or two burning down during the opening show, well it may have been me.

Also, Harrison Ford, one of those Star Wars alumnists, is in Hollywood Homicide opening this weekend. I have to go see it, finally a Harrison Ford movie where he has a gun. After Six Days Seven Nights, Random Hearts, and What Lies Beneath, he's returning to his action packed roots.

Oh, also, I have a summer student at work. I can make her do all the boring stuff I don't want to do. Ha, it's like having a slave.

American Juniors is on. My little brother (16) known as the Boy, is watching it, he gets a kick out of watching all the stupid little kids sing and the dumbass parents over react.

Monday, June 9

Stanley Cup Finals

Don't bug me y'all. I be watchin' hawkey !
Bio Changes

The Biography has been updated.

Sunday, June 8

Back Again

It looks like blogging is becoming a weekly endeavour for me, rather than a daily ritual. Unfortunately with the new job I haven't been able to access the internet and slack off as much as I'd like to. Because it was my first week I was kind of working to impress them, I also had to clear up the back log that the person before me left.
I'm not sure if anyone can relate, but I hate it when you take over someone else's position and you have to deal with all of their unfinished tasks. The worst being filing. I hate filing, and I hate filing stuff that isn't mine! Argh!
Anyway, I saw that movie Wrong Turn this week. I thought it was great. On a scale of 1970's to 2000's, I'd give it a 1989. It was about as good as the later Jason, or Freddy movies, but not as cheese as the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies of the 90's.
It's about some young adults who get lost in the back woods of Virginia and are stalked by some crazy deformed in-bred mountain men. Very gory, laughable and no blatant T & A shots. Over all, it's a movie everyone should rent, download, or maybe even see at a cheap Cineplex Odeon theatre.
Well, I don't really have any topics to talk about, except how I'm continuously beginning to think that the rising Canadian Dollar, SARS, our SINGLE Mad Cow, and the West Nile virus, are all part of a U.S. conspiracy / punishment for not hopping on the illegal invasion band wagon. And has anyone noticed the complete lack of SARS cases in the U.S. despite their population of like 300 million people (or whatever it really is) and the major influx of immigrants from Aisa every day? Hmmmmm....

Well I'm off to look at everyone elses blogs....everyone else being Ice Queen, Sister, Crabby, Brett, Kim, Dick Winston, and maybe Testify and The Talking Dog.


I'll be trying to post more often, my girlfriend is back in Niagara Falls for the week with her folks, leaving my evenings free.