Friday, April 11

If you were a.... what kind of.... would you be?

Ice Queen raises an interesting question in my Comments box of The Price of Happiness.

She asked me which X-Man would I be if I could be an X-Man. She chose Jean Grey as Phoenix. There are many benefits to this choice. I decided on Wolverine or Collosus. My explanations were for the healing powers of Wolverine, and for Collosus' massive strength and he's bullet proof.

After some more thought I decided I would expand the subject.

If you were a Super Hero which one would you be?

So many heros, so many choices.

I've always been a huge fan of Batman. I think that the concept of a man devoting his life to becoming the best he can be at one particular subject (crime fighting in his case) is a noble idea. The draw backs are his lack of super powers and some serious mental baggage.

I also like Superman. The potential of almost unlimited power, the iconic image, and plain old greatness are some of his better aspects. Unfortunately these aspects are also what turns me against being Superman, he doesn't have many challenges, and he's too much of a celebrity.

The two heros in contention for "Chips Favourite Super hero" are Green Lantern and Dare Devil. Green Lantern offers some of the best powers available and many potential weaknesses, with less mental baggage than many of the darker characters in comics today. Dare Devil has a dark history, and in general has as many disadvantages to deal with as he has advantages. The ever present weakness (lack of sight) and compensating super senses provides the writers of Dare Devil with some of the best writing opportunities in comics today.

There are so many other great heros, The Flash, Captain America, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, and countless others.

So if you could be a super hero who would you be? If you don't want to be an existing super hero then what powers would you have, or what would you do?

Thursday, April 10

The Price of Happiness

Have you ever had a job that made you completely miserable? Have you ever had to wake up every morning dreading the next 8 hours of your life? That’s what it’s like to be me right now. I was not cut out to be a civil servant.
Not only is my job repetitive and boring, but when I do have opportunities to move up the proverbial corporate ladder, I keep getting denied.
Recently my employer, the Ontario Ministry of Finance, held competitions for a tax collections job. I am a support clerk for the collections unit. I answer their phones, do their mail, file their paper work, manage their fleet of vehicles, make travel reservations, register legal documents, and many other menial, and important tasks. In the last few years (I’ve worked here during the summers in-between school years) I’ve learned a lot about the collections process, policies and legislation.
I applied for an interview for one of the collections jobs they were offering.
The first thing they did, which kind of made me a little bit upset, was they made me participate in a pre-screening test for the job. The purpose of this test is to see if people from outside the Government know about our policies, or have the necessary basic knowledge to do the job. Obviously I have that knowledge after having been here as long as I have.
The pre-screening test was 100 true or false questions.
I got the highest mark on the pre-screening test. When I asked my managers why I had to take it, they said it was because I had no “Official Collections experience”. So I figured, okay, it’s just protocol.
I got the interview, I did extremely well on the interview. They told me I did great on the interview. But when it came to giving me the job, they said that they reviewed my pre-screening test and my mark wasn’t as high as they originally thought.
Now that pissed me off. How the hell can something be true yesterday but false today, or vice versa?
They ended up offering the job to someone else. I was disappointed but I let it go, I thought to myself, okay, someone beat me fair and square, I can do better next time.
Well next was the straw that broke the camels back. One week after the interview, my manager comes to me and says “We gave John Doe (not his real name) a contract as a collections officer. I know you’ve expressed interest in this position, but the contract is only for three months and you’re on a year contract, so we thought you wouldn’t want it.”
Now John Doe, has never expressed an interest in Collections, and is basically a kiss ass from what I’ve heard. Now, I understand the three month rationale, but they didn’t even offer it to me.
So, to make a long story even longer, I’m mad. They didn’t give me a job that they could have due to some phony test results, then they go and offer a contract for a position that I’ve tried out for to someone who hasn’t even expressed an interest, and doesn’t have my experience, and now I’ve been told that the reason they did all this was because there isn’t anyone else to do my current job.
That is just a kick in the face as far as I’m concerned. I got screwed because I’m a hard worker.
So now I’ve decided to go back to college and take Computer animation. I have a friend at Core Graphics in Toronto, hopefully he can help me out when it comes time to find a job.
The only problem is the course costs nearly $8,000.
So my question is.....Can someone lend me about $7,000? Or tell me about a quick and easy way to get the $7,000? Thanks, I appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 9

Dead or Alive?

American officials blieved that Saddam Hussein had been killed after Tuesday's bombing of a restaurant in Baghdad where Saddam was supposed to be meeting with senior Iraqi officials. The bombing resulted in a massive crater, 3 demolished homes, 20 severely damaged homes, and a reported 14 civilian deaths.

As it turns out, British intelligence sources claim Saddam may have escaped.

So now there is some more damage, some more dead civilians, a few more multi-million dollar bombs wasted, and the US managed to miss it's intended target. I can't imagine why the US would drop four 900kg bombs on a building, risking civilian deaths and the possibility of missing Saddam, when they could have just sent in some sort of Commando unit, or Steven Segal or something like that.

Foolish Americans.
The Spin....

I've noticed that the US media is a fabulous progaganda machine. With all the flag waving, and sentimental music, they are able to turn public opinion towards whatever they want. Their choice of coverage is just as questionable as the way in which they cover it. When that POW was rescued a few days ago news papers, magazines, and televised news was flooded with images and stories of the heroic efforts and successes of the US military.
If we were to simply pay attention to what CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and other US outlets provided, we would believe that this conflict in Iraq is a triumphant success and a demonstration of unparalleled military superiority.
But what if we look for other sources of news and information? What do we find if we did deeper?
I've posted several links showing civilian casualties in Iraq, stories relating to friendly fire incidents, and military foul ups. But if you'd like to read more about what I consider the other side of the coin, you should go to Testify. Les always has some great posts about what's happening in the war and in the US. Check it out for yourself, it's a good read.
My own personal outrage...

I'm pretty damn pissed off today. I read a report that two Canadians have been killed in Iraq. Now these weren't journalists staying in a hotel which had been fired at by a US tank. One was a Canadian soldier fighting with the US marines, and the other was a worker with the Red Cross.
I thought Canada wasn't participating in this war? I understand the person working for the Red Cross, they take risks, and sometimes people die. But a Canadian soldier should not have been fighting in a war that his country has not participated in. Had Chretien pulled the soldiers that were on exchange programs, like he should have, this death would not have happened.
I hate it when politicians are so damned two-faced. They tell us one thing, and then do another, or they do what they said they'd do, but only half assed.
I can't stop thinking that this didn't have to happen.
The article didn't offer any detials as to what happend to cause the two deaths, but I hope to find out more soon. If anyone has more information, please send it my way.

Tuesday, April 8

I wonder if these guys knew something that the US didn't want them to know.

Reports indicate that a hotel where many foreign journalists are staying in Baghdad was fired upon by US troops. Reports indicate that at least one journalist was killed, and several were injured.

Some of the journalists said they saw a tank turn and aim at the building before it was hit.

There are conflicting reports from the US soldiers as to why they fired on the hotel. Some say there was sniper fire coming from the roof, others say it came from the lobby.

It was well known that many foreign journalists were staying at the hotel. This incident follows on the heels of The Abu Dhabi TV office in Baghdad having been bombed by the US.

In a recent post on A Small Victory, the blogger spoke about the politically left anti-war bloggers and sympathizers denying "facts" and talking about conspiracy whenever something is discovered or claimed by the Pentagon. I wonder if these actions will fan those lefty flames?
War Update....

It looks as though Saddam may be dead. The US dropped four "Bunker Buster" bombs on a restaurant where Saddam was thought to be meeting his sons. They demolished the restaurant, destroyed three homes, damaged many other buildings, tore up some landscape, trees, and hurled steel beams 100 yards in various directions.
What a precision attack I tell you.

In all of this they only killed about 14 civilians, and so far only one of them had a severed head.


I've heard people talk about sacrificing the one for the many, but the many for the one? And just when I thought Bush couldn't get any dumber.

I'm glad we're not "supporting" this war. I feel sick enough knowing that we have troops in Iraq on exchange programs, and that our MPs apologize for anti-American remarks.

When I read reports like this it reaffirms my belief that this is an unjust and criminal war.

The worst part of everything is that they don't even know if they got Saddam, and it will take quite a while to figure it out. They so completely demolished everything in sight, that they'll need to do DNA tests on the remains found in the 60 foot crater, to determine the identity of the victims.

Monday, April 7

Wait 'till you see the whites of their eyes!

Protesting for peace is almost as dangerous as going to war these days. Some longshoremen were shot with non-lethal bullets during a protest.
The longshoremen were minding their business when police opened fire on a group of protesters from Direct Action to Stop the War, a San Francisco based anti-war group.
It's pretty scary to think that authorities could fire sand-bags, non-lethal bullets, and concussion grenades at you for simply stating your mind in a civily disobediant manner.
I wonder what happens if you're caught doing something like urinating in public. No wait, I don't want to know!

A Real Life Soap Opera

No there aren't any crazed murderous twin sisters lost in the swams of southern New Orleans. Or crazy love starved clones of Victor Newman. This is the real deal. A 17 year old woke from a year long coma.
She had slipped into this coma after giving birth to her son last January.
The coma was the result of a brain tumor.
This story has all the right elements, brain surgery, comatose teenager, and a kid.

In Other News...

My roommate thinks that Saddam has hidden the WMD on boats. Or possibly he's disguised them as trees in the middle of the desert.