Friday, April 4

I'm back...

Yes, after a couple days of non-posting I have finally returned. You see, for the longest time I've had the ability to clear my history list at work. But as of a couple days ago that feature has been locked. So I have been unable to blog during the day, and the daylight hours are my prime blogging hours. I don't really like going on the computer when I'm home.
There's just something about coming home from the office and sitting in front of the computer screen. 8 hours is enough.
But now that I won't be on the computer during my working hours, I will have to commit some of my free time to blogging and playing on the net.
With that in mind.....have a wonderful weekend, and it's possible I will be seeing (uh. blogging) you before monday.


Tuesday, April 1

Breaking News...

You must read The Talking Dogs war post today. It is probably the most consise and well written blogging I've ever seen.

Monday, March 31

Who's next?

This phrase used to be associated with Bill Goldberg's next opponent. But now it looks like it's going to be associated with US foreign policy and warmongering.

It seems like the US has issued warnings to Syria and Iran regarding WMD and supporting Iraq. I guess there's no better way to bring about peace in the middle east than by smashing every country under the collective "Coallition" bootheel.

Weekend Update with Chip Tijuana...

I like the sound of that. Maybe I should write to Lorne Michaels.

Anyway, my weekend was pretty great. I slept, I read, I played video games, I went out drinking, shot a commercial and watched Wrestle-mania XIX.

What did you do this weekend?