Friday, March 28

The Weekend...

I find that weekends are such wonderful times. I usually don't blog on the weekend. I spend my entire week at work staring at these damn computer screens and I look forward to sitting around my apartment reading nice black words on off white paper. I wish the internet came in a soft cover form. I'm currently reading a series of books by George R.R. Martin. They're awesome! Read them, the first is called A Game of Thrones, the second A Clash of Kings. I haven't read the third yet. My girlfriend is going to pick it up for me while she's at the mall.
What do you do on your weekend, or for people like me, what did you do this weekend?
I'll give you an update on Monday, when I'm back at work, getting paid by the Government from your tax dollars. Ha, that has to suck, you're giving the Government 8% of every purchase you make (with some exceptions) and that 8% is going towards paying me my salary, and here I am, blogging!
Ha ha ha ha!
Enjoy the weekend! And read something by Michael Moore, it will make you much more jaded, but it's worth it.

Thursday, March 27

One more in the coalition of the willing...

I wonder if Bush would welcome Alberta into his coalition of the willing. Maybe he could put those nuclear subs to good use. They could escort the dolphins.

The CBC reports that the whole MP comments thing is far from over.
It seems that MPs are a little ticked off that Mr. Celluci says there will be ramifications due to Canada's decision not to participate in the so called War in Iraq.

It also looks like Canadians are participating to a degree.

Surprise, suprise. The heir to the Common Sense Revolution is adding his two cents, and as always they only add up to about one cent. Ernie is supporting the invasion of Iraq by the Bushies. Maybe double E was too busy worrying about US Canada relations, and he didn't realize he's holding his Budget speech in an auto parts facility.

A plague seems to be forming in Toronto. People are buying face masks like they were going out of style. Hell, were they ever in style? Anyway, SARS seems to be turning into an epidemic. Scarborough Grace Hospital is being quarantined, and anyone who's visited since March 16 are being quarantined as well. "Uh, hello work, yeah I'm in quarantine, I guess I won't be coming in for about 10 days." Too bad this didn't happen closer to the opening of Canada's Wonderland.

Meanwhile Scientists in Hong Kong have identified the SARS virus, hopefully this will make it easier to diagnose.

Canada will continue with it's policy of trying to help rather than blowing shit up. The PM will donate 100 Million Bucks to the Iraqi people.

Speaking of blowing shit up, reports are saying British Troops have destroyed 20 Iraqi tanks. Yay for killing!

But that's nothing compared to the hundreds of people killed so far. Of course, these ones are just the civilian cassualties. But as Bush would say; "It pales in comparisson to the number of people killed in the 9/11 attack." Then again, how 9/11 factors into this Iraqi war, has yet to be explained.

I guess all of this tragedy is justified by the fact that Bush is trying to defend freedom. Sure thing G.W.

I'll end this report with some recommended reading...
The Alternative Patriot....The tag line reads - The republic is endangered more by actions of our own government than by those of any terrorist.
Michael Moore The academy award winning director has a not so subtle view on the Bush administration and this war in Iraq.
Mark Morford The SF Gate columnist has some amazing articles. Go to the archives and read them all.

Peace out homies!

Wednesday, March 26

Mike, in Sudbury....

As you can see from my personal description in the left hand column, I work for the Ontario Government. I get paid to do all sorts of monkey work. I'm an Administrative Support Clerk. I do filing, I answer phones, I register legal actions, I order supplies, I manage our fleet of crappy Dodge vehicles, I track assets, and I pretty much do whatever else management needs. Kind of like a Secretary / Personal Assistant.
Your Ontario Civil Servants are required to leave the following phrase, or a variation thereof, on their voice mail - "...or press zero to speak to an administrative assistant."
Every day I have many many calls. And many of these calls are from people who pressed zero, (several are also from friends, wrong numbers, or co-workers). What puzzles me is when people begin talking about their personal lives after I pick up the phone. I just don't understand why someone would call the Government regarding their sales tax, employer health tax, or corporations tax account, and begin telling someone a story when the phone is answered.
I get people calling me and saying something like, "Hi there, this is Mike from Sudbury."
I'm thinking to myself, "Good for you Mike, you know your name and your home town." Inevitably I say, "Okay?" and he will continue with, "I have a letter, can you help me?" Once again, I think something but don't say it, "A letter huh? Aren't you special." But I answer, "I'll try." And Mike proceeds to read me the contents of the letter, and begins to explain why he can't pay his taxes, or how we screwed up or something.
In all this time he has neglected to tell me his account number, the name of his business, or who he is trying to reach.
When I phone my bank I don't just say, "Hi this is Chip. I have some money, and I want to do this with it." I usually ask to speak to my representative, or give them my account number, or ask who I would speak to concerning my problem.
Maybe it's just me, or maybe the Government has really bad hold music which rots your brain. But honestly, why do people simply assume you know everything about them.
I would think there are a hell of a lot of Mikes in Sudbury.
We've yet to rule out the possibility of terrorism....

SARS is a pretty scary disease! Ontario has declared a health emergency and quarantined several people with symptoms of this new disease.
Click on the above links to find out the symptoms and what to do if you think you're infected.

I wonder if Bush will pin this one on Saddam too!?

Tuesday, March 25

Operation Free Oil Iraq...

The Washington Post has an article describing a civilian's reaction to Bush's war in Iraq.

The following quote is the result of a Cruise Missile demolishing the house of an innocent Iraqi family...

"Bush is cursed!" he shouted. "This is a civilian building, a civilian building, 100 percent. There are no weapons of mass destruction. He wants to destroy the people. Maybe God will destroy him."
For a moment, he was quiet, then spoke again. "We'll have our revenge with Bush."

I guess this is what they meant when the Bush administration said that the Iraqi citizens would be welcoming Coalition forces with open arms.

When will these foolish Hawks learn?

Sunday, March 23

George W. Bush's fault!

This should be on your conscience Governor Bush.
American soldiers captured by Iraqi soldiers were interviewed on Al-Jazeera. One of these soldiers were asked why he was in Iraq. He said he was simply following orders. George W. Bush's orders.
So why are these men dead? Why are these men and women being held by enemies? For what reason are coalition soldiers, and reporters being killed in the middle east?
Where are the Iraqis who are supposed to be running in the streets waving American flags? Where are the thousands of Iraqi soldiers who are laying down their weapons without a shot fired? Where are the predictions of a quick war with few casualties?

I'm home this weekend so I haven't had much time to blog. I can't really think of anything to write about, so I'll just babble on for a few lines.
I went car shopping with my Mom yesterday. We stopped by the Volvo dealership and test drove an S40. It was a pretty nice car, it's got some great safety features. But the problem is, Volvo advertises a 5 year 160,000km warranty, but the fine print says it's for used cars only. The new cars only have 80,000km 4 year warranties. Also, if you lease a used car it's 9% but if you lease a new car it's 2.8%. So they get you comin' and they get you goin'.
Of course it all doesn't matter because it's a Volvo and I think it's worth it one way or the other.

My parents have CNN on all the time. I'm not a big fan of the American propaganda machine media, but my folks figure it will give them enough info.
I've seen all sorts of reports about "Coalition casualties". American's shooting down British planes, American soldiers fragging their fellow officers, Americans capturing Iraqis which turn out to be civilians, and car loads of reporters disappearing after being attacked by Iraqi soldiers.
This entire invasion has turned out to be on hell of a disorganized fiasco.

The other day a reporter interrupted my pro-wrestling television show to say; "Our worst fears have happened...." Ok, now I'm thinking Saddam had WMD and he's used them on the Americans, but she continues to say...."the Iraqis have set fire to their oil wells." Ok, now I'm almost on the floor laughing. Our worst fear? Sure GW, it's not about the oil is it? HA!

Anyway, this entire thing is so dumb, I hate the US government, and I'm kind of afraid to see what will happen next. It's kind of like a train wreck in that manner, you don't want to look, but you just can't tear yourself away.

One more thing, my brother bought a Gecko, and he might be naming it Osama, because supposedly they come from Afghanistan or somewhere in that region. He'll probably name it Gary though.