Friday, March 21


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If you're at all interested in anything to do with this war thing. Click on this link. This is a rant from Where is Raed?, an Iraqi blogger in Baghdad.
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Well once again, for those of you interested in all this war stuff, go check out The Talking Dog or Testify.
Or if you'd like some sort of frivolous diversion you should check out Ice Queen or Sister Stacey Patrick.
And as always Blamblog will have something of worth.
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Today's news with Chip Tijuana....

What a shocker! There is some bickering in the Canadian House of Commons! Who could have seen that coming?
Personally I'm with Jack Layton and the NDP on this one. I've seen no real justification for this war and it disappoints me that the US and Britain would ignore the wide spread requests for peace.

In other news...there is minor flooding in the parking garage of my apartment. Every day it gets a little bit worse. Luckily the only area that affects me is the stair well. At the bottom landing there is about a centimeter of water. Very foul, dirty water. Some people on the other side of the garage have to drive through half an inch of water. It doesn't sound like much, but it's enough to get the bottom of your pants wet if you don't step lightly.

Speaking of getting wet. Authorities found some man standing in the water about three feet from the edge of Niagara Falls. This guy must really be anxious to go swimming, let's hope the warm weather comes soon.

If any of my readers are in the Ottawa area, come on out for a Big Ass Snowball Fight sponsored by FM - CMS Canada. They're going to try for the Guiness World Record.

Thursday, March 20

War War War War....

Guess what this post is about? Yup, War. War in Iraq. The invasion of Iraq by the U.S. of A. Bush's "surgical strikes" at "leadership targets". Forgive me for being the way that I am, but the word surgical makes me think of doctors, and healing, and precision. It doesn't make me think of gigantic cruise missiles slamming into buildings and killing people. It doesn't make me think of death and destruction.
But what a great way to make people associate these unjustified actions by the American government with the concept of medical science, and healing or curing. Way to go propaganda machines, and by this I mean CNN and FOX News.
Check out Dick Winston, who has a great clip from Kate Adie, or Testify and Blamblog for a variety of interesting war related posts.

Wednesday, March 19


Go to Crabby's Blog for a fun take on job titles. Also, you can discuss your worst and favourite jobs with the likes of Ice Queen and Sister Stacey Patrick.

Tuesday, March 18

The Dog has spoken...

It looks like Blamblog has been classified as a Shetland Sheepdog, by The Talking Dog. If you're at all interested in some great political and just plain old every day life commentary, go check this site out. The Talking Dog is an amusing, and very informative, blog. If you'd like to have your blog classified you can e-mail the Talking Dog, or find a way to attract his attention.

Monday, March 17


I wonder if this guy drives "stick"?

Ouch, that was lame.

Just one more reason to put a television in your car. Or maybe to NOT put a television in your car.
Space invading clones from Quebec!!!

Ok, so it looks like the Raelians have declared that they will provide proof of their successful attempts to clone a human being. This article states that a company called Clonaid founded by the Raelians, a cult which believes that human life was created by aliens from outer space, not south of the border, has claimed that they've created five human clones.
The president of Clonaid says they will provide proof to back these claims, including a DNA test.

I'm excited by this prospect. Imagine being able to clone yourself? That would be so much fun.
If I had a clone I'd name it Alibi.

My roommate has a girl friend who is studying Theology at a Christian University. She was asking him to go to a church group which would be having a scientist talk about cloning. I wonder if this scientist is a Raelian. I think, if it hasn't already taken place, I will attend this meeting. It sounds interesting. Keep an eye out for future posts concerning this subject.

What would you name your clone?