Saturday, March 15

The Dog has spoken...

It looks like the Talking Dog has classified the Ice Queen. Way to go Icy!

Friday, March 14

Rubbing it in...

I'm sure those of you who are familiar with Blogging will have noticed that there is a link to my site on the main page of Blamblog while there is no link to Ice Queen. I'm sure there is a reason to this.
But if you haven't yet witnessed my victory over my frigid fellow blogger, please click here to do so.
Fun with politics...

Sick of the american government? Well go to White House dot Org or White House dot com(not safe for work) for some fun.
The World at War...

Stan D over at Overspill has a post from Wednesday which comments about rumours that the US will invade Iraq on March 18, 2003. What will Canada's role be? Click here to find out.
The Re-design

Go visit Blamblog for a glance at his new look. And if you would extra sterility visit the Mac website.
I'm a mexican dog...

The Talking Dog has classified me as a Chihuahua on his blog-roll. Mr. Dog has possibly the largest collection of blog descriptions and classifications (all canine form) that I've ever seen. If you enjoy any sort of blog, he'll have a link to that particular type. He will also be earning the link of the day award on my Links Page today.
Sistah Girl and her issues...

Sister Stacey Patrick has an interesting post about loafing at her site. Go read it. And just for fun you can make a list of what you do when you're doing nothing, post it below, or on her comments section. Either way, I'd like to compare notes.
Ted Rall...

I've enjoyed reading Ted's columns. Here's a link to his latest article. Check his archived work for some more political commentary.
Not so late breaking News!

Some of this information is old, but it's because I've been sick lately and haven't had a chance to update the blog...

Montreal is only 3 points out of a play off spot.
Doug Gilmore is playing for the Leafs
Landry is proposing a 4 day work week
Forecasts are calling for a warm weekend, 6 degrees
The Loonie is worth 0.6738 American dollars
The Ontario government is offering to help gambling addicts

Wednesday, March 12

Another one bites the dust...

So the other day the US spouted off that it had found the smoking gun in the form of an Iraqi drone that could conceivably spread biological weapons across the planet. Colin Powell said; "it should be of concern to everybody." ( Courtesy of A Small Victory )
Now this article comes out, stating the drone is made of balsa wood and duct tape. It cannot fly more than five miles, and is basically a big remote control air plane.
I mean Elijah Wood had a better chance of causing trouble with his Radio Flyer than Iraq does with this thing.
My question is, how many times does the US have to be shown as being full of crap, before the American public finally revolts and overthrows this pathetic regime? Now I must give them some credit, a recent poll shows only 39% support for Dubya, but even that number seems high to me.
Powell gives us supposed evidence after evidence, and accusation after accusation, and they're all shown to be full of crap.
The hawks are all crying about liberating Iraq, and countering a threat to america. While the doves are all saying, what threat? Liberation by nukes eh? Great concept.
Go to my Links Page and check out Fablog to read some great commentary about the recent Presidential Press Confrence and other political stuff.
Oh, and you might also want to listen to some uplifting music by the Beastie Boys while you do so. Their new anti-war song is on their site.

Enjoy... and in the spirit of Sister StaceyPatrick...
May your wings spread, and your duct tape never peel...

There are some new links on my Links Page. You may just find something that interests you.

This is a good post found at Electrolite. Everyone's talking about torture and stuff. Maybe Alice should check it out.

Ice Queen is back from her little absense. Thank the gods! I was starting to panic there!

Only 11 days until Wrestlemania.
Another quickie...

Does anyone know of any good books out there? I'm out of good books to read. I'm reading A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, it's pretty good, and there are more to this series, but other than that I'm completely dry right now. I'll probably borrow the new James Patterson and Jeffry Deaver books from my Mom soon. But I'm looking for something else to pass the time. If you've got any suggestions, just leave them in the comments section. Thanks dudes and dudettes!

Sunday, March 9

U.N. All-Star game...

Similar to the NHL All-Star games, it may come down to North America vs The World. Or better yet, the USA vs Everyone else. It seems as though Russia is not in favour of a unilateral war against Iraq, and had the following to say;

"If the United States unilaterally begins military action in relation to Iraq, it would violate the U.N. Charter and, of course, when the U.N. Charter is violated, the Security Council must gather, discuss the situation and make the corresponding decisions,"

Courtesy of this article.
She's faking it???

The U.S. / Britain led effort to convince the world of Iraq's threat to planet earth and the Universe in general has faced a small set back, courtesy of Testify.