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I've got an addition to the multi-media page. You can still access the original picture of the Incredible Bulk by using the link at the top of this page, but if you'd like to see my newest edition you can click here.
One of those update style posts...

Here's something interesting. This post found on Lisa English's site, courtesy of Testify.

It's basically about a bi-partisan bill asking Congress to roll back Bush's powers to attack Iraq. And the part that makes it news worth is that it hasn't had ANY news coverage. So where is the Liberal Media?

I've also found this post at A Small Victory. In a nut shell, the post describes the Blogger's fear of a terrorist attack now that the Terror Alert level in the U.S. has been raised to Orange. I must say that she is a great writer. She's very capable of expressing her thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner. Unfortunately these thoughts and ideas have been slanted by the conservative U.S. media whores. It's such a shame to see a mind like that go to waste.

If you've read her post my thoughts will make a bit more sense. If not you can simply read and interpret them in any light you choose.

In her post Michele talks about low flying planes, masked men with guns, and chemical attacks. She describes the fear and insecurity she experiences when thinking of such things. Michele describes her old school where her children currently attend, and the bomb shelter located in the basement. She provides a detailed description of children running for safety, the sound of a military helicopter hovering above. These scenes are vivid, almost straight out of a comic book or action film. But that's all they are, fiction. Michele has been influenced by the American media to such an extent that she lets her underlying basic animal fears throw her into a panic at he slightest mention of Iraq, Saddam, Osama, or the Al Qaeda. The American media with it's continuous images of a shuttle falling to pieces, repeated images and sound bytes of Colin Powell showing evidence of terrorist links, headline news coverage of children killed in car accidents, murders, rapes, and robberies. The American media with it's sombre reporters and graphics of the stars and stripes waving slowling in an unseen digital wind. It's no wonder that intelligent people like Michele, or Tony (another commenter on A Small Victory) feel as though they are being persecuted and stalked by crazed mad men in middle eastern countries. Propaganda is a modern day art form. For a brief history of propaganda check out a link located on Testify's blog. Sometimes I feel frightened when I hear people talk about killing "Ayrabs" and "Soddom Insane". I fear that many more minds will be turned, I fear that I will see my neighbors and co-workers brainwashed by a media that cares more about ratings then it does about the truth. Then I wonder if they're all right and I'm wrong, and I guess that's my biggest fear. I'm terrified that my happy little world might just be close to the brink of extinction by a mad man in Iraq or Afghanistan. I doubt it though. I've peeled back the layers and witnessed the truth. I live in Canada, and everyone likes Canadians right? Right?

Thursday, February 6

On the Lighter Side of....

My mom called Seanie D a "Thick Dick" today. That is so weird.
Life in Ottawa...

This is to be the first installment in a continuing saga. An epic story detailing the events taking place in the life of one Chip Tijuana. In these posts every aspect of life will be explored, emotions will be put under the magnifying glass for all to investigate, fear and joy will be laid bare through literary devices. And some goofy stories will be shared with you, the audience.

Our first story will centre around Greg, Chip’s roommate and friend since his first year of College. We will begin with a description of Greg. Hopefully it will allow you to come just that much closer to experiencing the story for yourself.

Greg is best described as a sexually frustrated, loud, obnoxious male in his early twenties. He’s just a shade taller than six feet tall, and has the build of your average lazy college student. His last name is Habjan, and he will be referred to by many names, Greg, Habjan, Hoopajoop, Habby, and Jackass, to mention a few. Greg has a fairly normal shaped head, I know this because he shaves it regularly. He usually has some form of facial hair, whether it be a handle bar mustache, a goatee, or five o’clock shadow (which appears on his face mere minutes after shaving). Greg prefers to wear bright coloured shirts, orange being his favourite, he has an unhealthy obsession with monkeys, fears marionettes, claims to be sexually attracted to fire, and has really sweaty palms.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what Greg looks like, and are beginning to understand what he acts like, I will regale you with a tale of love and betrayal. Actually I’m going to tell you about how we signed him up on Blind Date’s website last night.

My girlfriend (PixiStix) and I (Chip Tijuana) were watching television last night. I was enjoying my dinner of chicken fingers and french fries, and she wasn’t eating anything. Pixi claimed she wasn’t hungry. Greg was on his computer working on some sort of school or work related project.
The television show we were watching was Blind Date. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, well it’s pretty self explanatory, or visit the link above. Anyway, we were watching Blind Date, and as everyone knows, almost every girl on that show is either a complete slut or a total ice queen. No offense to Ice Queen. And as everyone knows, most of those sluts have nice fake boobs.
So my girlfriend and I, realizing how much Habjan likes fake boobs, and sluts, decided that he would be a perfect contestant on the Blind Date television show. After debating the issue amongst ourselves we decided to ask Greg how he felt about it. Actually, since the computer is only about ten feet from the couch we didn’t have much choice, as he had over heard us talking.
Fortunately Greg loved the idea of trying to get on the show. But we had to think of a sure fire way to make the Blind Date producers notice Habjan. After much debate I finally happened upon a brilliant idea. We would simply let Greg be himself.
What is more entertaining than a horny young man with absolutely no idea how to treat a woman? I mean Greg just CANNOT take a hint. He’s horrible with those subtle signals that women are so fond of giving out, and he is downright pushy. Hell, this guy should have been brought up on thirty counts of date rape by now, and that’s just including his sister!
No really, Habjan is horrible with women. He’s a real close talker when drunk, and nothing short of a slap in the face will convince him that a girl isn’t interested.
So Greg accessed the Blind Date website and filled out an application. PixiStix and I coached him through the tough spots, you know things like punctuation, spelling and grammar. We also came up with several suggestions when it called for him to do things like describe his turn ons and turn offs. Some of which included: Turn On - Open Flames. Turn Offs - Unidentified Fungus.
After submitting the application we patiently waited for Blind Date to e mail or call us. We’re still waiting. But if anything happens I’ll be sure to post it here.
One More Time....

Why would the U.S. want to go to war with a nation that has made no aggressive movements? If Saddam hates America it’s because America has given him a reason for that hatred. Iraq has not caused any problems since the Gulf War.
Why does Bush feel this compelling need to attack them, when Clinton found no reason for military action during his eight years in office?
It’s already been said, but I’ll repeat it, Powell presented evidence, but he didn’t provide a form of verification. And now that people are calling for verification the hawks are getting upset. No one wants to give Saddam any more time to plan some sort of attack, they just want some physical proof that these attacks are going to happen. The logical person wonders for what reason would Saddam attack America now? Why, after 12 years would he choose this time to “fire the gun”?
I’m sorry but the links to the Al Qaeda are just too remote. The U.S. government has closer links to Bin Laden. Hell they funded him in Afghanistan. And Thomas Keen the guy appointed by Bush to investigate the 9/11 attacks was a director of a petroleum company that had direct relations to a guy who married Osama’s sister and helped organize charities that gave money to the Al Qaeda.
It seems like America is just ultra-paranoid, and with good reason. Their media is keeping them in a panic, providing news stories filled with grief and tragedy, showing horrific images of death and despair. Fear is a great motivator, and it looks as though the American public is being controlled by their fear of the great Boogey men Osama and Saddam.
Yes, Saddam is an evil man. He’s committed some atrocious acts, but why choose this particular time to move against him? If the U.S. felt so threatened by Iraq, why didn’t they do something about it in 1991?
It seems as though the majority of people who support a war in Iraq are saying things like “they broke the U.N. resolutions, we need to disarm them by force.” But there isn’t any proof that they possess any banned weapons, just a lack of proof showing they’ve gotten rid of the weapons. Some say “Saddam is evil, he tortures his people, he is full of hate, he hates America, we have to liberate the people of Iraq.” Yeah, he’s a bastard, we all know that. But what do you do once you’ve liberated all these people? Why didn’t the U.S. act a long time ago to liberate these people? Why doesn’t the U.S. go to war with other nations who commit crimes against humanity? If the U.S. is planning on invading Iraq, removing an evil dictator, setting up an economical and civil support structure, and committing itself to educating and medicating the Iraqi public, then by all means do so. If the U.S. is planning on invading Iraq, taking out Saddam, making some money off oil fields, setting up a puppet government which will be powerless to stop the resulting civil upheaval. Then, well that would be wrong.
Many are saying; “Saddam has ties to terrorism, we must act now to protect our country.” Well unfortunately many foreign governments have ties to terrorism. Maybe the U.S. should attack all countries which pose a potential threat. Start with North Korea. Then maybe other middle eastern countries with a majority of Muslim populations. China could be a big one, they’re communists after all. Oh and Ireland has a history of rebellion and terrorism, better attack them before they come after you.
The whole idea of another war with Iraq doesn’t make sense to me. The potential for gain does not exceed the potential for loss. The potential rise in terrorism due to the eventual collapse of the middle east, caused by militant Muslim extremist groups scares me. The underlying coincidences regarding Bush’s horrible domestic record, and the rumours about oil companies planning to divy up the spoils of war, make me shudder.
Is the whole planet corrupt? Can we trust anyone? I think it’s time to ask Professor Otto about this one.
By the way, if you’re into corruption and politics, or corruption in politics, check this out, courtesy of Testify. It just adds to the whole mistrust of President Bush vibe.

This will be one of my final war blog posts. You can find them anywhere else on the net. I will however attempt to keep up with current events and add updates whenever I find something of great interest. I’ve made my points, and provided explanations, I may continue adding extra reasons to avoid war on my links page.

Coming up next, movie reviews, a Senators update, life in Ottawa, pros and cons of porn, and other tid bits.
The seeds of war...

I’m sure everyone tuned in for Secretary of State Colin Powell’s UN address. He made an hour long presentation of all the evidence the US Government is willing to show to prove that an invasion of Iraq is necessary. And from what I saw, it looks like we’re NEXT!!!

Yeah, you heard me. Canada will be next in line for US invasion. In fact, I think my girlfriends house will be first. You see she lives on a farm. So if the US thinks that ariel photos of dump trucks and long flat buildings are reason for war, imagine what they’ll do when they see her fathers two combines and his barn! He’s even got chemicals, fertilizers and such, that I’m sure he’s using for biological weapons. If that weren’t enough, I have personally seen a metal tube, he says it’s for irrigation purposes, but I’m sure he’s making nuclear delivery systems. I fear for their lives, and the lives of the entire province of Saskatchewan. This is some scary stuff Colin Powell was showing. They even had a truck with a crane on it, and about ten minutes away, in Ottawa, there is an identical truck, they’re building condos, but now that I think of it, they may be building missile silos!

Honestly now folks, Powell’s presentation was pretty weak. There wasn’t much evidence to speak of. Some testimonials by Iraqis who would basically say anything to keep from being killed by Saddam, some photos of nothing, which were probably taken in 1991 anyway. He did have a lot of speculation and accusation. There was a phone call between two people which didn’t really prove anything, it was pretty vague and circumstantial at best.

As far as the accusations concerning Saddam’s links to the Al-Qaeda are concerned, let’s take a look at a much less complicated series of connections involving one of Bush’s own appointees.

Fortune 500 reports:
“In December, President Bush named Thomas Kean, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, chairman of an independent commission examining the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But FORTUNE has learned that Kean appears to have a bizarre link to the very terror network he's investigating--al Qaeda.
Here's how the dots connect: Kean is a director of petroleum giant Amerada Hess, which in 1998 formed a joint venture--known as Delta Hess--with Delta Oil, a Saudi Arabian company, to develop oil fields in Azerbaijan. One of Delta's backers is Khalid bin Mahfouz, a shadowy Saudi patriarch married to one of Osama bin Laden's sisters. Mahfouz, who is suspected of funding charities linked to al Qaeda, is even named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by families of Sept. 11 victims...”

I’m not sure about you, but this seems just as damning as having a member of Osama Bin Laden’s network in Baghdad for medical treatment, or whatever the US is saying.
In the words of PixiStix - “It’s beginning to look a little like the Salem Witch Trials, won’t those Americans ever change?”

Tuesday, February 4

More about the War...

I'm sure you're all more than a little tired about hearing my left wing anti-war statements. But I just figured I'd give you one more reason why an attack on Iraq would be a bad idea. This one is brought to you by Tesitfy. If you haven't gone to check this blog out, I think you should do so right now. It's some good stuff people.
Conspiracy Theory

Tony Pierce provides us with this. An in depth look at tax breaks for small business purchases on SUVs. From what I can gather the U.S. government is giving people tax breaks to encourage them to buy a gas guzzling SUV. I also noticed that the Bush Administration is even going to increase these tax incentives.
So to summarise, the Oil companies, kowing that the SUV consumes a hell of a lot of gas, convinces the U.S. gov't to give consumers a huge tax break so that more SUVs will be on the roads consuming more gas. Then they convince George Dubya to invade Iraq so the big Oil companies can divy up the Iraqi oil fields the U.S. government is holding in trust, thus increasing their profits because they now have a huge supply of free oil, and, because of the raised tax cuts more people are buying and driving SUVs.
So there we have it. A clear reason as to why Bush Jr. wants to go to war
The Boob Tube...

I'm not much of a television watcher. I usually watch it with my girlfriend or roommate. Sometimes we leave it on during dinner, usually as background noise. Sometimes it feels weird when there are no audio distractions available. It's like being at the cottage, or on vacation. There is something wrong about peace and quiet while you're at home, I tend to become too relaxed and then I panic because I know I have to go to work the next day. It's an eerie feeling.

Yesterday I watched another episode of Joe Millionaire with PixiStix. It was just as stupid as always. A television producer trying to gain ratings by showing people with relationship issues and plastic breasts. I guess the main fascination is to see someone else get hurt (because of the lie being told on the show) thus making you feel better about yourself. Another reason might be to see some slutty girls throwing themselves at some rich guy (who really isn't rich). Thus bolstering your self esteem, allowing you to say, well atleast I'm not that much of a gold digger, or atleast I'm not lying to my girlfriend. It's a sick and twisted fascination we have with television. And it all begins with our youth....

I found a post on Testify about a school teacher who was reprimanded for asking her students to read books, rather than watch television in class. It is titled Hide Your Books. I find it to be a prime example of bad education and short sightedness. If you have the time please read it and tell me what you think. Or just comment about your television addictions.

Monday, February 3

They say Music will tame the beast...

I just couldn’t think of a better title for this posting. Anyway, check out what Rolling Stone has to say about Tom Morello’s view on the seemingly impending war in Iraq.

Also, it looks like A Small Victory is providing us with the smoking gun. Not to be confused with The Smoking Gunns a former WWE Tag Team.

Go on now, check it out, learn something, then come back and comment on your findings. Oh and don’t forget to click on the multi media page link to see a wonderful picture of Seanie D.