Saturday, February 1


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Thursday, January 30

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Office Talk...

I find that we don't really talk around the water cooler where I work. It's usually around the printer. I'm not sure why this is, maybe there are too many coffee drinkers here.

A few summers ago the office gossip revolved around topics like Survivor and Big Brother, now I find it's taken a much more sombre tone. Today I found myself discussing a possible, if not probable, War in Iraq. Normally I save issues like this for the Blog. I find I can offend anyone I want with my left wing view points without fear of reprisal, when in a "comments" section. However, today was different. One of my co-workers was making a comment about working for Saddam as an alternative to being an Ontario Civil Servant. I think he was referring to the amount of "abuse" we as Government workers take.

Personally, I enjoy my job. I don't take my work home with me. I don't mean that in a literal sense, I just mean that I leave my office problems in the office. I do however like to bring office events home with me. I enjoy telling my girlfriend about the funny things that happen, or the outrageous staffing problems, etc. etc.

But this isn't really about the abuse a Government worker has to deal with, or not deal with. This is about the gloomy atmosphere which is a direct result of the current events taking place in the Middle East.

It's truly amazing how people react to media stimulus. How vapid conversations about reality TV turns into dour brooding dialogue about chemical warfare. I'm also astonished at how no one seemed to mention the extent of Canada's involvement. Rather they just prattled on about whether the U.S. should be waiting so long to invade. I did my best to hold my tongue and not begin some sort of anti-war related rant, but I ended up breaking my silence by calling Bush a moron and stating that you cannot achieve peace through war.

I guess most of the people agreed with me, or didn't want to get into an arguement because they mostly just nodded their heads and said "yeah that's true". But after hearing their comments, and after listening to them speak, I find myself wondering if there is any way to avoid a war in Iraq. Maybe the Bush Administration is right, maybe they've explored all the possible avenues that military action would open. I'm just not sure any more. Nonetheless; I will not back down on my stance that War will not solve the problems in Iraq, Israel, North Korea, or any other area of the globe.

Wednesday, January 29

The Bush-mobile...

I didn’t watch the state of the union address last night, I missed it so I could go watch the film Darkness Falls. I’m not sure which one had more plot holes or bad acting. I’ve seen snipits of the speech and read the entire thing on Fablog. It sounded pretty interesting how Bush basically spewed bullshit for a couple hours to appease an economically destitute nation into believing that he was working in their best interests.

I found that his comments on AIDS, Medicare, Terrorism, Tax Relief and Iraq, among a variety of other subjects were over shadowed by his plans for the hydrogen powered car.

Wow, wouldn’t that be cool? Having a car that runs on hydrogen and oxygen with the only by product being water? It would eliminate the need for foreign power sources. This said while he’s planning on attacking Iraq to liberate them...of their OIL!

I’m sure everyone has their thoughts on President George Dubyah’s speach. But for a few of the funnier reactions visit Bushwatch and Skimble.

Maybe you can leave your thoughts as well.

Tuesday, January 28

Liar Liar

I wasn’t sure what I should post about today, and Seanie D suggested writing about something I watched on TV, or a movie review. I normally don’t watch much TV and I like almost any movie, so I picked a show that I have watched recently.

Joe Millionaire

Seanie D says it’s “brilliant TV”. I have to agree that as a concept it’s one of the better ones. But it just isn’t really my idea of great television, although I must admit I am enjoying the show.

I guess I just like the whole concept of basing a relationship on a lie. And not only basing it on a lie but on a lie of grand proportions. A $50 million lie.

If you’re not familiar with the show the basic premise is that the producers took an average Joe, a construction worker named Evan who makes about $19,000 US a year, cleaned him up, put him in a Chalet in Europe and told a bunch of girls that he recently inherited $50 million. Now that he’s rich, he’s looking for the perfect girl.

So they started out with 20 girls I think. He met them all in one night, danced with them, and then basically eliminated 8 of the girls, leaving....da dum da dummmm...12...yup my math is as good as it ever was.

The week after that he did some more stuff with the remaining girls and at the end of the show he eliminated another 7, taking the total to 32, I mean 5 girls.

They are now down to three. After two more rounds of eliminations.

All the while Evan has been getting closer to the women by dating them and courting them. But what really makes this show funny is the behind the scenes shots of all the girls acting all catty. Most of them bad mouth each other, and talk about what they’d do with his money. I guess they don’t know they’re always being monitored because they say things like; “I know he likes beer, and going to Hooters, but I can change that.” So either it’s a hidden camera, or they are just plain dumb, cause the whole premise is that it’s a TV show, thus he will see it all one day on TV. Silly bitches!

Another amusing aspect is that this Joe Millionaire guy is actually looking to try to find a girl who will “love him for who he is, rather than the money he doesn’t have”. Hey BONEHEAD! You’re lying to all of these women, saying you have $50 million, making them think you’re someone you’re not, and you think, that even if you find one that likes you because of who you are, that she will stick around after you say; “uh by the way, I’ve been lying to you since the day we met.” That doesn’t make much sense.

As Seanie D says, this guy’s best bet would be to try to get as much...action, as possible while these dumb gold-digging sluts are willing to give it up.

If you’re not watching this show, you should be. It’s a great social experiment, a way to see how women really are!

Monday, January 27

Oh Yeah!

Seanie D is back from Cuba! I hope he had a great time. Maybe he'll post!
On the lighter side of...

Do you remember those cool MAD Magazine articles? They were so funny. I think my favourite one is where they make fun of stuff. I wish I had some links to that. But I do have some links to some fun sites. There's which lives up to it's name, and a nostalgic site for old people. Then we have one of Pixistix's favourites, not to be confused with This site is a funny compilation of off beat humour and nostalgia for those of us who were young when Star Wars came out. Seanbaby has a nintendo page, and a Hostess page. If you're interested in having a good time, you should visit these sites. Seriously, all the cool people are doing it, you should too!
Current Events...

I guess the thing that is on everyone's mind is the recent Weapons Inspections reports. If it's not that, then it's the Dufferin Mall Experience. For a conservative view on the latest in War On Terror issues visit A Small Victory. I don't really agree with the comments or statements on this blog, but it's worth it if you want to see the other side of the coin. Luckily my sense of nationalism has been bolstered by none other than Found here is the results of a poll that makes me feel proud to be Canadian!

Quote of the Day...

Benjamin Franklin - "Necessity never made a good bargain."

Jim and Tim - The Duct Tape Guys - "A good bargain often makes duct tape necessary."
Bad News

Hello readers. Unfortunately I've had somewhat of a set back with my multi-media page. I have been trying to create it using my roommates computer, which is a Mac. 'Nuff said right? Well, for those of you who don't know, well Macs are crap. Yes, I'm sure I'll be stoking the flames of rebellion in several hearts by making such a statement. But it's true. MacIntosh computers are junk. So, I will attempt to create my page on a PC as soon as one becomes available to me. I cannot use this one that I'm on now, because it's at work and they wouldn't be fond of me adding pictures and other files onto the already full hard drive. Also, if anyone has any inkling of how to add those little scroll bars on the top and side of a page in Dreamweaver, please feel free to e mail me that information. Thanks and have a nice day, don't forget to keep checking for new links and comments about them.