Saturday, January 25


I have been busy today. Well actually I've been playing video games today. But I did manage to create a multi-media page while taking a break. It can be found at or by clicking on this link. Chip Tijuana - The Creativity

Friday, January 24

Good Evening...

Well I bid you all a good evening. I will continue to read other blogs but I doubt I will be able to update my own. So check back to see if there are any posts, but live with the thought that on Monday there will be something new.
Quote of the Day

Col. Troutman - "...he's been trained to eat things that would make a billy-goat puke!"

The Wild Goose!!!

It looks as if President George Dubya may actually have to back down on his plans for starting a war with Iraq. After France and Germany decided to show their support of continued UN Inspections and took an anti-war stance, we find that the Weapons Inspectors have decided to give Saddam good reviews concerning co-operation, and they’ve found no illegal Nuclear activity so far. Of course this doesn’t mean the U.S. will take anything into consideration when making the decision to “forcefully disarm” Iraq, but maybe it will prevent other countries, such as our own, from joining in the fray.
Revised Edition...

I apologize to my reader(s) for my lack up updates over this past week. I have been in training at work, and I’ve been unable to access the internet from home. But as you can see I’ve revamped the page and at the very top I have a link to my Links Page. On my links page you will find the same links that used to exist at the bottom of this page. I will be adding links as I go and since I have used another blogspot page as my links page I will comment on any new links I add. I look forward to future expansions. I will probably create a page using a free server like which will hold low res pictures and if possible flash animations. Of course all of this is dependant upon your continued presence at my page. So when you visit leave a comment, even if it’s derogatory in nature. Of course if you do leave a mean comment I will have to go to your site to see if it is a deserved statement or not. Thanks

Chip Tijuana esq.