Thursday, January 16


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Who ya’ gonna’ call....PORN BUSTERS!

It looks like it took the arrest of a washed up Rock n’ Roll star to bring some much needed media attention to the problems police face when combatting Child Pornography. Unfortunately I am somewhat in the dark as to the full extent of this problem. But regardless of how much Child Porn there is out there, or how many paedophiles are accessing it, one way or the other there is too much.
I’ve read several reports concerning the who, what, and why of paedophilia. Some of these stated that paedophilia is a mental disorder, others determined that it is a conscious choice made individuals.
I guess it’s possible that in our society of fast cars, fast food, satellite television, internet gaming, and reality television, the average person’s attention span has waned to the point of non-existence. The eventual desensitization to violence and sexuality will inevitably lead to people wanting something raunchier and racier. This isn’t always the case, but it’s primarily true for most people. But does this desire for “something new” include unnatural acts like beastiality and child pornography? I personally do not think so. I tend to side with the idea that it is a mental disorder, rather than allowing myself to believe that there are people out there who are just down right evil enough to purposely support this kind of industry.
For those people who do want to experience something out of the ordinary without venturing into the realms of moral and legal debauchery, maybe they should try watching some midget porn, something like Itty Bitty Gang Bang, or Tiny’s Big Package.
In a recent article on Det.-Sgt. Paul Gillespie, head of the Toronto sex crimes unit stated that the Canadian Federal government hasn’t been contributing enough to the fight against Child Pornography. If this is true, maybe our Government should spend a little less time worrying about Nazi President George Dubwa’s actions towards Iraq, and spend a lot more time trying to thwart real criminals.
Just another issue to throw on the pile in this new year. It looks like we’re in for an interesting 349 days to come.
Quote of the Day...

John Cutter - Tell me Charles, do you ever play Roulette?
Charles Rane - Occasionally, why?
John Cutter - Let me give you some advice...always bet on black!

Passenger 57

Wow, I feel so bad that I couldn’t come up with a better quote. By the way, the new colour scheme is courtesy of Seanie D, it’s his suggested Raptors Colours!

Wednesday, January 15

Quote of the Day...

Rocky (Sly Stallone) - ...If I can learn to change, and you can learn to change, we can all learn to change!


This movie is full of great stuff. It's possibly the most moving of all cold war dramas to have ever been made, with the exception of Red Dawn and Red Heat. Those wear great movies too.
Current Events...

I found this article while trying to catch up on the latest news on

N.Y. alert for Ont. terror threat
NEW YORK -- New York City police said they increased security around a John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal, a nearby gas station and a city clerk's office in the city's Queens borough after receiving a tip about a possible Canada-based terror threat.
The tip was unsubstantiated but merited a precautionary response, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said yesterday.
"The credibility of the source is unknown and not seen to be particularly high," he said.
The alleged plot was to be launched from the New York state capital Albany by terrorists who were to infiltrate the United States from Ontario, said an internal police memorandum. The terrorists were purported to be members of a group called Algerian Tahir bin Ammar al-Yusifi.

After some careful research and several translation sources, I found that the name of the organization - Algerian Tahir bin Ammar al-Yusifi - means - Stupid Gullible Warmongering Americans.

It’s just a thought but, maybe if the U.S. would keep their collective noses out of the affairs of other countries, regardless of how much oil they have to offer, the U.S. wouldn’t have to worry about every little anonymous tip.

Now those of you who know me, must realize that by now I’m trying to come up with some sort of plot to lead the American government on a wild goose chase. If anyone has any ideas of how to create a realistic sounding terrorist threat tip, and how to get it to some sort of U.S. agency without having to face any sort of consequences, please post them and we can plan this elaborate hoax together.

Tuesday, January 14


I’m currently working in the Collections branch for the Ontario Ministry of Finance. One of the Collectors here recently received a cheque from a company that owed the Ontario Government over $750,000. The odd part about it, is that the cheque was made out to the Collector rather than to the Minister of Finance. Now this particular Collector is very honest and will be following the appropriate steps to have the cheque transferred to the Government. I don’t know if I would do that. I’m living a fairly free lifestyle right now. If I were to get a large sum of money like that I would seriously consider taking the money and moving to a non-extradition country. Try to get myself lost in a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork like in some sort of John Grisham novel. It’s always nice to fantasize about what you’d do with a large amount of money. If it weren’t stolen money, and I could just invest it as I want, I would probably put it towards the funding of a Green Lantern movie. Or maybe research to create a real working Green Lantern ring. Whatever seemed more feasible. Of course it might be more fun to get a glass domed car like the Pope, or maybe try to initiate that slug-like slime transportation that Blamb suggested. Ah, the possibilities that are created when one has money are endless. What would you, my faithful and ever so lovely readers, do with a large sum of money? Let’s say, fifty million dollars. (Insert evil laugh here)

I apologize to my loyal readers for not having updated or posted on the weekend. Unfortunately for everyone, primarily for myself and my girlfriend, I was, and still am, ill. Despite my weakened condition I did manage to visit the National Art Gallery on Sunday during a brief lapse in my diseased condition. So I will add posts for Saturday, Sunday and Monday below...


The great thing about weekends is the opportunity to do something that you want to do. I enjoy my Saturdays because I have no real commitments. I’m free to enjoy my video games, walking, shopping, watching television, playing on the internet, whatever I want to do. One of my weekend pleasures is my PS2. Taking time to play WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth. One of the coolest video games I’ve ever played. This game allows you to play as several current WWE Superstars in a variety of interactive story lines, as well as allowing you to create your own Superstars. I find that playing violent video games helps me to vent any pent up rage from a week full of rush hour driving. Maybe Blamb is right when he suggests walking as an alternative means of transportation.


I woke up feeling pretty sick today. I didn’t stay out late last night, in fact my girlfriend and I ditched some friends of ours at a bar because I wasn’t really feeling well, so it’s not a hang over. My stomach is making odd noises and I feel very cold, despite a thermostat reading of 80 degrees. I have plans to go to The National Art Gallery today....(later that day...) Wow, contemporary art is a joke. I can’t believe they have a canvas that’s about 8 feet by 8 feet painted black with a yellow edge and they call it art. Or “Homage to the Square” is a bunch of green squares. The nerve of these so-called artists to be producing this trash and calling it art. One of my favourites was titled “Angst” and it was just a smearing of colours and black lines on a canvas, what a joke! I received several dirty looks from Gallery staff as I walked through the building making snide comments on the work. The Colonial, European, and Canadian exhibits were fantastic. A lot of stuff from the renaissance, some Renoir, and Picasso, someone named Durer did these wicked pen and ink drawings as well as engravings. My girlfriend, PixiStix, tried to teach me about different art periods but I can’t remember much of it. Not to say it wasn’t interesting, it’s just that I’m not good with terms.
Sunday evening we decided to venture into the unknown. We visited my girlfriend’s cousins house. A three bedroom farm house that she’s renting for $500 a month. There is a very good reason why this house is so inexpensive!!! It is a hole! Dirty carpets, dirty walls, creaky floors, broken appliances, hell the whole house is on a slant. It’s straight out of a bad Canadian horror movie or something, maybe it was the place they shot People Under the Stairs. I was so grossed out. Luckily it turns out the white trash cousin is adopted, so it’s not a flaw in my girlfriend’s gene pool.


EWWWW. I’m sick today.