Thursday, November 6

The Rant

The Matrix Revolutions. Good, Bad, Meh.

Okay, so I saw the new Matrix movie. It wasn't half bad. It wasn't half good either. I have just a few questions, if I can understand these, then I can understand the movie better, and have a defininte opinion.

1. Why do they have robotic suits, with guns, and flying electromagnetic hover planes...but no laundry machines or sewing kits for their sweaters? Is the threadbare look in? Do they shop at American Eagle Outfitters?

2. What the hell happened at the end of the movie with Agent Smith? Why did the thing that happened happen? ( I won't be specific so as to not ruin this for everyone.)

3. Where do they find the dialogue for movies like this? Is there a template? A computer program? ( For example, one of the lines is...."you did it." "no, I didn't do it. We did it.") What the fuck is up with that?

4. How come the machines are so dumb? They just use brute force to kill the people. I mean humans are fragile. Just use poison gas or something. Forget the lasers, and the big exploding things. Christ, didn't they learn anything from all our silly wars?

5. How can the Oracle tell the future? She's a computer program. If a computer program can see the future, doesn't that mean the main computer, ruler of the matrix, and computer land, should be able to do that too, thus finding Zion and wiping everything out?

Anyway these are a few questions I'd like cleared up before I decide upon how much the new movie sucked or ruled.


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