Sunday, October 12

Cola Wars

Has anyone noticed the stark differences between Pepsi and Coke ads lately? I find that whenever I see a Pepsi ad the main goal of the ad is to overshadow Coke and show how Pepsi is hipper. In the most recent ad I saw, a Pepsi truck pulled up beside a Coke truck and the Pepsi driver looked over a the Coke driver and waved. The Coke driver proceded to open a Vanilla Coke and turn up his truck radio. So in retaliation the Pepsi drive opened a Pepsi Vanilla, hit a button, and some giant speakers appeared out of the back of the Pepsi truck and it began to blare musice. The Pepsi truck then started bouncing and drove away.
My first impression from this commercial was that I don't want any Pepsi Vanilla because it's going to explode all over me. Putting carbonated beverages in a bouncing truck is a bad idea.
My second impression was that at no point did Pepsi try to convey to me any of the endearing properties of it's product. They simply tried to convince me that their product was "cooler" than Coke's. A better looking truck driver, a bigger stereo, and a bouncing truck. Unfortunately for Pepsi I won't buy their product, because I associate these things with a company that is more concerned with image, rather than customer service.
It's odd how the cola wars resemble a political campaign, or vice versa.


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