Wednesday, August 20


I wasn't going to blog until I got back to work. But as it's been four days without having to go in. I figured I'd write something just so Ice Queen doesn't take me off her contact list again.
Anyway, thanks to Ernie Eves' blatant mismanagement of the Provinces power supply, as you all know, we had a nice blackout throughout Ontario and the North Eastern United States. At my house the power was back on Friday around 1:30 PM.
My girlfriend's parents, in Niagara Falls, didn't lose any power until Friday evening, when it went out for about an hour and a half.
Pixi and I travelled to Niagara early Friday morning after waiting in line over half an hour for gasoline.
We spent the weekend at her house. We watched a few movies, visited with some friends, and spent time with her dog's puppies. They're a couple weeks old now, and some are beginning to walk a bit.
I came home Sunday night and my parents told me that Ernie Eves was saying that only essential government workers would be going to work on Monday. So I've been checking my voice mail at work each night and each night a message has stated that "it will not be business as usual on (insert date here)". So I get to stay at home and do nothing.
And I have done absolutely nothing to a degree of perfection. The only useful thing I've done is to mow the lawn for my parents. Oh, and I folded my own laundry.
Most of my days have been spent reading, or fixing my computer.
Monday I went out with my Mom (she's a non-essential Government employee too!) to look at new cars. She's thinking of buying a Nissan Altima. I believe the Altima is the best car on the road in it's class and price range.
Anyway, I'm beginning to get bored of all this nothingness. Hopefully I'll be back to work soon. (God I never thought I'd say that!)
So, how has the blackout affected everone else?


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