Thursday, July 17

What does a $15 Gucci handbag and terrorism have in common?

You wouldn't think they have much in common, but according to a story on CNN last night, that isn't true. CNN ran a story which claimed that counterfeit merchandise sold by street vendors is a major source of funding for terrorist cells. I'm not sure why, but that story sounded kind of stupid to me. Maybe it's because of the conspiracy theorist in me. I'm beginning to think the major designers are looking for a way to stop sales of bootleg merchandise. If linking counterfeits to terrorism was their idea, it's brilliant. The gullible American public will eat it up.
"Oh god! The $25 I paid for my Ronex watch probably went to fund the Al-Queda!"
You'd think they would be able to find something else to talk about. Maybe the lies the President has been telling, or the unemployment rate, or those plastic ducks that have floated across the world after falling off a ship.
Stuff like that. Real news, no more spreading fear across the mind of the average american like peanut butter on a pancake!


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