Thursday, July 10

Those Kids and their wacky cell phones!

I was reading an article on that was describing new forms of mischief stemming from cell phones with built in digital cameras. It seems as though digital cameras in cell phones, while popular, but still rare in North America, is quiet common in Asian countries. With over 25 million of these phones in Japan, and over 3 million in South Korea, digital camera phones are the in thing.
There have been problems with people using the new technology for devious purposes, like taking pictures up women's skirts, and over bathroom stall doors.
I think a digital camera as part of a cell phone is a cool concept, but useless for me. I don't use my cell phone as it is, and if I want a camera, I'll just buy a camera.
The article also said Japan "...leads the world in fancy mobile phones."
I wonder if they'll make that some sort of national motto: "Leadus the Worldicus in Fanciusis Cellularis Phonicus".

Leading up to my question of the day....

If you were a country what would your national motto be, and what would your flag look like?

Mine would be - "Chip Tijuana - The Country" and the flag would have a black silhouette of me on a red background.


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