Wednesday, July 9


Last night I took my youngest brother to WWE Smackdown at the Air Canada Centre. I admit I used to be a big wrestling fan in my younger days, and I'm still amazed at some of the high flying acrobatics and choreographed moves these guys do, but Pro-Wrestling has officially lost it's appeal.
The event was fairly boring, and very predictable. They had a white guy pretending to be a free style rapper, a former Olympic gold medalist (in wrestling no less) pretending to be the down home, wholesome good guy, there was a Latino guy who speaks with a bad Mexican accent, driving a low rider with hydraulics, and sporting a greasy mullet. There was a small Japanese guy wearing a sparkling outfit called Ultimo Dragon, who did all sorts of crazy high flying moves. Hell, they even have a one legged wrestler.
The "good guys" came out and said good things about Toronto, while the "bad guys" would insult the city, the women had a few cat fights and one girl managed to lose her shorts revealing a not too sexy pair of baggy panties. And the final match ended with the hero Brock Lesnar fighting three men and getting choke-slammed through an announcers table.
The one thing that really stood out was the popularity of professional wrestling. There were thousands of fans there, many wearing t-shirts or hats, with their favourite wrestler's logo or saying on them. And unlike when I was a child, it was mostly adults attending the event. There were a lot of children too.
I guess pro-wrestling is one of those forms of entertainment that not only inspires loyalty from the fans, but manages to bridge the age gap. This phenomenon is possibly the most sports-like aspect of pro-wrestling.
Nevertheless, the evening was an enjoyable one. I like hanging out with my little brother, and it's always nice to be in smoggy downtown Toronto. We saw an assortment of homeless people, beggars, and drug addicts. There were some prostitutes on the corner when we were leaving the event, and while we stood in line a crazy man in a black suit was preaching about Jesus.
All in all a good night, despite the $20 special event parking fee, and the $4.50 bag of popcorn. Luckily we brought our own drinks.


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