Friday, July 11

Pixi Bloggin' 2 - The Return of Pixi Stix !

You know, I never was into the blogging/posting aspect of boards and websites, only because I never really had anything important to comment on. I can't say I'm a very political person. If the politicians in my city were to advertise on TV with kittens, or give me chocolate if I voted for them, I'd totally be into it.
But, otherwise I honestly don't pay attention to such things.
Toys, cartoons, animals, and pretty shiny things are the way to my heart. Not to say I'm superficial, I just seem to enjoy talking to fish and furniture mor than a politics student at a Starbucks.

Today, I'm going to talk about Horror movies. Any fans out there? I'm a zombie fan, honestly. Chip took me to see that new zombie movie, '28 Days Later'. I was pretty impressed. Usually I'm very relaxed during horror movies, but this one actually scared me to death. As far as I'm concerned, Zombies are the scariest horror creatures out there. No, seriously, think about it.

Okay, Vampires: Suck your blood, afraid of crosses and garlic, sound like Count Chocula. Not particularly scary. Not even the weird scrunchie faces the vampires make on Buffy are even remotely frightening.
Next, Ghosts: Oooh, moaning, wailing, generally trapped in a room. Much like your average porno flick. And most ghosts these days seem to be scary little children. Chip and I were discussing this, what is the obsession the U.S. film industry has with scary little British kids?
As for Werewolves, mummies, and any other 'miscellaneous' types of movie monsters out there, well the imagination just isn't there anymore.
That horrible 'Darkness Falls' movie was about a scary Tooth Fairy. Don't look at her face or she's gonna' rip out your teeth! AHHHH! I guess they were running out of ideas.
Which brings me, once again, to zombies. The whole premise of a zombie is terrifying. They generally attack in hordes. They're slow, that gives you an edge, but not much. Because they are always right behind you. Everywhere. And with zombies, one bite, one scratch, and you're one of THEM! That's right, you'll turn into a zombie. Or worse, they actually eat you alive. I guess it's the whole idea of a person trying to eat your arm. It just seems a lot more scary because you don't expect it.
You see a giant moss-covered slime creature coming out of a swamp, growling at you, you just kinda figure it's bad. But, you see your grand parents coming at you in slow-mo with a sort of pasty pallor, and mumbling a lot, you don't really think anything's up, until they try to gnaw on your leg. Bam! And now you're turning into one of them.
The '28 Days Later' movie kind of strays from the average zombies (I consider myself a zombie afficionado). In '28 Days Later' the zombies move at warp speed, break through walls, and they snarl and stuff. It was a cool movie, although slightly inaccurate. At least they didn't walk with their arms straight out and have blue skin-paint flaking off.
What do you think? What are your favourite horror movies? (And anyone who goes for anything 80's - Chucky, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc, you get a gold star!)


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