Tuesday, July 8


Fish and 80's Things

Ok, so I have an obsession with 80's toys, media, etc. Chip says it's an
unhealthy obsession, but I don't drop 200 a week on comic books, so to each
their own, right?
See, I was working in a toy store in Ottawa and that helped feed my 80's toy
collection. No, not originals, but I have a few of those too. For instance,
my prize posession is my 1985 Jem/Jerrica doll (first relase, baby), with
the flashing earrings. Jem is a passion. In fact, I am going to be Jem for
Halloween. I have 9 Jem videos of cartoons. I want to get a poster plaqued
for my room. You would think the giant pink palmtree mullet wouldn't have
any appeal today, but oh yes. I think she's beautiful. I also have a
frightening Punky Brewster doll in a box. Have you seen this doll? It's
hideous. It looks just like Soleil Moon Frye when she was younger. The only
doll I have seen that is grosser is the 'Michelle' doll from Full House.
Honestly, that should have been the doll they used in the Chucky movies.
Scariest thing I have ever seen.
Then I have a bunch of random stuff. Garbage Pail kids cards, a stuffed
Gizmo, Smurfs and a smurf house, My Little Ponys, my She-Ra castle,
California Rasins, and C.U.T.I.E.S on a card (If anyone remembers
M.U.S.C.L.E toys for boys, the Cuties were the cheezy female equivilents -
not fighting figures, little band members and rock stars.) They, are also
hideous. Most things from the 80's are. I mean, look at Whitesnake.
The cartoons were really what I was into. I scour these video stores for any
old VHS cassettes of 80's cartoons they may be selling. The Blockbuster in
Niagara Falls hates me. I bugged them for 8 solid months for their "Truly
Outrageous" Jem Video. But I have it, so who cares?
I can talk about 1980's facts, and cartoon trivia all day. No, seriously.
Don't challenge me on it. I never shut up.
Another one of my obsessions is pets. Chip wouldn't let me have a real pet
that cuddles and barks or meows because of his allergies and he is an
animal-hater. No, I'm kidding. So due to allergies, I had to settle for the
fish. I have two Betta fish (Samurai Fighting Fish as they are called I
suppose) and I love them. In fact, since they are the only pet I have
available I talk to them and try to give them more of a personality than
fish should have. My first one is blue and green and his name is Terry Fox.
He appears to be slowly dying. As the clerk at the Pet Store in Oshawa so
affectionately told me 'Oh. When they turn colours, they are gonna croak.'
Terry now is turning red, so I'm waiting for the croaking to commence.
However, I love him, and I am going to probably react like a five year old
when he dies. I will most likely bawl and make someone bury him in the
My other Betta is new.. he's technically Terry's substitute and my emotional
substitute. He's red. (I only hope he wasn't SUPPOSED to be blue and they
sold him to me croak-ready.) I named him Will Ferrell. He doesn' have as
much personality as Terry, and he just lays there in his plastic plant. He
isn't nearly as much fun to talk to. I suppose I'm just picking favourites.
But Terry was here first, and he commands my love, at least until he becomes
too boring to watch anymore. Just kidding.


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