Friday, July 4


I'm not sure how long ago it was, but at some point during this most recent, and most hectic, point in my life, I was de-linked by The Ice Queen. I didn't notice at first that my link was gone, because frankly I don't look for my link on other people's pages. I do however use it as a quick method of getting back to my blog if I've finished perusing theirs. In a recent visit to Ice Queens blog I went to click on the ever present Chip Tijuana link, and much to my surprise, it was gone. At first I simply believed she was in the process of some blog roll house cleaning, and would soon realize she had accidentally taken my link off her page.
Of course, as I was one of her very first readers, possibly the first with the exception of maybe Blamb, I didn't think my missing link was an intentional thing.

Under normal circumstances de-linking a person is seen as a way of distancing yourself from that particular blog, and it's usually the result of some sort of argument or blog war. I've only de-linked one blog from my list. I removed A Small Victory, after I was told not to visit her blog due to my contradicting view points regarding the illegal American invasion of Iraq.
The Ice Queen however, seems to have removed my link, and other people's links, due to the lack of frequency and / or quality of their blogging, so I don't take it as a personal slight.
I've noticed that most bloggers simply sort their links into categories. For example Blamb sorts his links by blogging and reading frequency as well as location. I sort my links by how often I visit their pages.

So I am taking this opportunity to politely ask The Ice Queen to re-link me, and give me my former spot near the top of that list. If she doesn't believe I deserve to hold my former link, maybe make a section for blogs which aren't posting as often as she would like.
Maybe an Infrequent Blogging list. She could put my link there, and Brett's, and Lilly's.

Also, I believe the Talking Dog is back to blogging, so maybe the Ice Queen could add him to her link list once again, as I believe she removed him as well.

What are your thoughts on the de-linking issue?

Also, I will begin my own Friday Five, in the tradition of Crabby. Thanks for the inspiration...

1. Have you ever dated someone you worked with?
Oy vey! Yes, it was horrible. I dated a girl I used to work with in Ottawa. She was a cute blond girl working in the mail room. It was fun at first, I got to see her every day, had someone to go to lunch with, and she was a great distraction from the more boring aspects of work. Unfortunately she began to get a little clingy and possessive when she saw other girls in the office talking to me. That made working with her unbearable.

2. What was your longest relationship? (Only ones that have ended please)
I dated a girl in college on and off for two years. At first I liked her a lot, we got along really well. Then she became crazy, and I was kind of afraid to break up with her. And when I did dump her, she wouldn't accept it and she would stay around. I think we broke up and got back together about a dozen times. The actual amount of time I dated her was under a year. But it was spread out for about two.

3. What is the best date you've ever been on?
The best date I've ever been on was with my current girl friend, Pixi Stix. All it consisted of was walking around the Market in downtown Ottawa, but I had so much fun with her. She loves looking at flowers and window shopping, and it was really great seeing her so happy. I'm not sure what made it so special, I guess it was just her reactions to everything.

4. What was your best/worst break up? (Choose One)
I think the best break up I ever had was in high school. I was walking with my current girlfriend and a girl from my science class came up to me, handed me her phone number, and said 'Call me.'
My girlfriend thought she was trying to pick me up, but in reality I had made arrangements to get some copies of the other girls notes later that evening. Of course my girlfriend didn't want to hear any excuses, she just started screaming at me in the hall way, slapped me on the face, and ran away. The science girl saw it all and asked me out later that day.

5. What is your fantasy date?
I think my fantasy date would be a weekend alone with my girlfriend at a secluded cottage. Just the two of us, the fresh air, a nice sandy beach, and a quiet lake.


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