Tuesday, June 10

The Update Continues

You may notice some changes in the Bio now. Including where Chip lives and a nice little Star Wars quote courtesy of IMDB, so don't blame Chip if it's wrong.

So the Devils won the Stanley cup. Damn, but yay. I didn't want the team that beat out the Sens to win, but I didn't want the words Mighty Ducks to appear on the trophy, it was a tough call.

I'm counting down the days to the American Idol movie. It will mark the fist anniversary of my biggest act of arson yet. So if you hear some reports of a theatre or two burning down during the opening show, well it may have been me.

Also, Harrison Ford, one of those Star Wars alumnists, is in Hollywood Homicide opening this weekend. I have to go see it, finally a Harrison Ford movie where he has a gun. After Six Days Seven Nights, Random Hearts, and What Lies Beneath, he's returning to his action packed roots.

Oh, also, I have a summer student at work. I can make her do all the boring stuff I don't want to do. Ha, it's like having a slave.

American Juniors is on. My little brother (16) known as the Boy, is watching it, he gets a kick out of watching all the stupid little kids sing and the dumbass parents over react.


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