Friday, June 20

The Long awaited re-union episode

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Chip Tijuana the Blog. I'm sure most of you don't even come here anymore, I haven't had an update in about two weeks, and there's so much I have to tell y'all.

Well, actually there isn't much to tell at all. I've lost that creative spark. The ability to think of something to write about.

The HULK opens tonight. That should be fun. I'm going to the Zoo tomorrow, maybe I'll see some monkeys.

I've been working for a few weeks, I went to Ottawa last weekend, and went on the Haunted walk. The Haunted walk tour of Ottawa was bitchin'. I reccommend it to everyone. They took us on a lantern lit tour of down town Ottawa and told us all sorts of ghost stories, and showed us some haunted areas of the city.
After the tour was over we went to the Bytown museum and they told us some ghost stories that have happened there. It was excellent. You should go.

On Saturday we loaded my girlfriend's pick up truck and we brought more of our junk back home. That was a nice hot ride on highway 7 in construction traffic.

I'm in a ministry run golf tournament here today. I get to leave early and go golfing. Now that's government work for you.

So what has everyone else been up to?


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