Thursday, June 26

Flaming Mad !

Man oh man. You've got to have some really strong views to set yourself
on fire
as a form of protest.

I don't really think lighting ones self on fire is a great idea. It just makes
you look crazy. And who the hell cares what some psycho thinks about their

If you want to get a message across traditional means are probably the best.
Picket lines, sit ins, chain yourself to a tree. But torching your body? Where's
the sense in that.

"Oooohhhh no. Lookit' that chick! She just lit her head on fire. Maybe I should
rethink all my decisions. Because obviously she finds fault in them. And
obviously she's 100% sane."

Ummmm....that's a big negative.

Anyway, what reason would you have for setting yourself on fire.

Me, the only reason I can think of, would be if I were Johnny Storm, the Human
Torch !


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