Monday, May 26

What the f---?

I just read a report of a mother in California who put her two year old in a washing machine.

The child was rescued from the machine by a police officer, she was taken to a hospital and listed in serious condition. She's expected to live.

I read this article and I wasn't sure what to think. At first I thought it was a joke. But honestly, what kind of mother puts her child into a washing machine, closes the door, and turns it on?
It's sick that someone would try to kill their child this way, and if she wasn't trying to murder the kid what was she doing? I hope she wasn't trying to wash her child. If that's the case then the mother should be executed for the crime of being f---ing stupid!

An event of this nature just shouldn't happen. Ever. If you're dumb enough to put your kid in a washing machine, for fun, to kill it, or to wash it, you should have been sterilized at birth.

This ties into the whole loss of freedoms thing, not for kids, but for people in general. Should the government ban smoking, or deny treatment to smokers? Should parents put strict regulations on what their kids do or watch? And, should the government prevent stupid people from breeding? I wonder if they can add that to The Patriot Act?


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