Monday, May 5

Things that make me go hmmmm...

Welcome back everyone, I hope you enjoyed a nice restful, sunny, weekend. I know I did. But now that I'm back at work, it's time to write something for my blog. Today’s topic stems from a conversation I had with an old high school friend. While reminiscing about our days together at good old Eastdale, and catching up on gossip concerning our former friends who are now married, or successfully applying their university degrees at a variety of retail establishments, the topic of relationships reared it's ugly head.

Now, as we all know, or are about to find out, I'm currently in a great relationship with my girlfriend known here as Pixi-Stixs. But my friend, we'll call her "My Friend", is not as lucky as I am. I must say, it does puzzle me that she is single, she's 24, blonde, pretty, smart and outgoing. All of which usually adds up to - Taken.

Any-hoo, the fact that she's single isn't the problem, or at least she doesn't see it as being so, her complaint is about everyone else's desire to "hook her up" because of her current relationship, or lack thereof, status.

My Friend wonders why everyone feels the need to try and find a guy for her, just because she's in her mid-twenties. She believes that if you're female and between the ages of 27 and 34 people accept the fact that you're single because "she's concentrating on another aspect of her life", and that when you're between the ages of 17 to 22 they don't mind because "she's just experiencing life". But when a girl is 23 to 26 or 35 to I guess 40, people feel some sort of urge to play match maker.

Personally I've never experienced this particular phenomenon first hand, but I have noticed that all of my single friends are either under 22 or over 26. Those that are in the age group between those numbers are either dating someone or married to someone, and if they are single they're engaged in a frantic attempt to find a soul mate.

So, now I'm wondering if this is a singular, localized event relating only to people I know, or if it's one of those universal truths?

Any thoughts faithful readers?


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