Wednesday, May 21

There Should be a Law...

Rumour has it that the province will be going smoke free on May 31st. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I guess all restaurants and public buildings will be non-smoking. We've had this in Ottawa for a year or two now, it's great. I can't stand going to smokey bars.

If the rumours are true, and they're making places smoke free for health purposes, I believe they should begin taking other things which affect our health into consideration. Consider mental health maybe. My roommate works for a company called VideoLinks. They instal monitors in bus stations which play ads on a loop all day long. They're planning on getting smaller monitors and installing them into public restrooms. I believe things like this should be eliminated. People do not need more TV in their lives. The nations attention span is short enough as it is.

I believe our government has a responsibility to us, as our representatives, to stop corporations from the continued elimination of written forms of communication. People complain about how children are scoring lower on standardized testing, and then they plunk their kid down in front of a television set. This behaviour is wrong, and I for one don't believe we should be allowing it to progress. Bathrooms are traditionally the domain of the written word, just as Al Bundy. Please, don't let TV take over the Loo too!


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