Monday, May 12

The Rant Continues...

Thanks again to Dick Winston for an update on Canada's stance regarding Pot Laws. It seems as though the feds will give up on their plan to decriminalize marijuana possession, because of a backlash from the US government.

Normally I would denounce Chretien and his Liberals for bowing to the wants of the US government. Despite the fact that healthy international relations with the US are important to maintain. And although I am in favour of legalization or decriminalization of pot, not because I use it, but because it just seems to make sense, I agree that it may be a bad idea.

The article suggests that because the legislation would lead to an increase in the possession of marijuana in Canada, the result would be more attempts at smuggling pot into the US, thus stricter border patrols. This makes some sense, and I'm sure the US wouldn't hesitate to jump to conclusions or enforce their beliefs in the absence of real evidence, as displayed in the recent Iraqi conflict. I also believe that we need to compromise sometimes for the greater good. It's possible that by scrapping the proposed pot law amendments, me may be able to gain ground in things like Softwood.

Also, decriminalization of marijuana in general, which sounds like a good idea, may not be in the governments best interests. I've always compared marijuana to alcohol and cigarettes. Usually, I find that pot is the lesser of three evils. It's not addictive like nicotine and alcohol, it doesn't usually result in the same kinds of unruly behaviour as alcohol, and various reports have shown it to be less harmful than cigarettes.

But unfortunately it takes a lot more effort and skill to make alcohol and cigarettes, marijuana can be grown anywhere by anyone. It is much harder to regulate, and although it would be a great idea to be able to package, sell, and tax pot, it would be hard to do this.

If our government were to make it legal we would see many more people using marijuana, and because it is harder to tell if someone is stoned, rather than drunk, I'm sure there would be many more people using it on a more regular basis.

I believe the best solution is to make possession a criminal offence, and to enforce the laws we have on the books.

If we make it an offence which doesn't carry anything more than a fine, people will continue to use the drug and on the rare occasions that they are caught, they will pay the fine and never hear anything more about it.

To truly stop this problem, if it is truly a problem, would be to go to the source. Put more money into locating suppliers and dealers. Stop wasting time arresting kids who are smoking joints outside of their high schools, and spend your time finding out how they got the drugs.

Unfortunately marijuana use is prevalent in our culture, many people experiment with it while they're young, and give it up when the mature. But just as many, and sometimes more, don't ever give it up. Maybe the government should be concentrating on educating teens on using drugs and alcohol in a responsible manner.

What do YOU think about all this?


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